Will My Deposition Be Videotaped?

Chris Finney, Trial Attorney

In the state of Missouri, parties have the option to videotape a deposition. 

How Will I Know If My Deposition Will Be Videotaped?

If you are our client and you show up for a deposition, you will know in advance if your deposition will be videotaped or not.  

The rules in the state of Missouri, the Missouri Rules of Civil Procedure, require that notice be provided to the deposing parties, the person being deposed, and whether the deposition is going to be videotaped or not. 

 It will show on the notice, and if the notice doesn’t state that the deposition will be videotaped or filmed, it cannot be videotaped. So, the deposed person will not show up and be surprised by a video camera. The laws in the state of Missouri prevent that. 

If the trial attorneys at Finney Injury Law are taking a deposition, we can guarantee it will be a videotaped deposition. Showing a video deposition in court can be extremely useful at trial.      

Therefore, we videotape all depositions. 

Who Can I Talk To About My Video Deposition?

If you have any questions about your upcoming deposition, please get in touch with one of our personal injury attorneys at Finney Injury Law. We’re here to assist you. Call 314-293-4222 today.

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