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The simple answer to if you can change your answers on your deposition is, yes, you can change your answers at any time.

The biggest issue with a deposition is that you’re not getting a list of questions that the other side is going to ask you in advance. So, your answers are all on the fly. Therefore, people get nervous, misspeak, and may forget something but remember it later after the deposition concludes.

We always encourage and tell our clients that we want the truth to be out there. So, if you think of something later, we don’t care how it looks. We want the truth to be out there.

How Do I Change My Answers During A Deposition?

You can change your answers during the deposition process by going back to a question that was already asked during the deposition.

How Do I Change My Answers After The Deposition Has Ended?

As sometimes happens with clients, they remember information after the deposition has ended, and they have had some time to think on their answers to the questions asked. In this case, you can change the answer by filling out an errata sheet that provides an addition, addendum, or change to your answer. You sign it under oath and then send it to the court reporter.

So, the simple answer is, yes, you can change answers. But, it’s subject to impeachment from the other side questioning why you had one answer and then changed it to another and then use those diverging statements against you.

Your personal injury lawyer can advise you on the benefits and consequences of changing your deposition’s answers. If you believe your answers are inaccurate, it is best to contact your personal injury lawyer immediately. Give us a call today at 314-293-4222. 

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