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Typically, no, you will not be deposed before you file a lawsuit. It can happen. The rules do provide for it. But it’s very unusual, and we rarely see it happen.

When Will I Be Deposed?

Your deposition can only occur, in almost all circumstances, post-filing (a lawsuit) or post-discovery exchange. So are you going to be deposed pre-lawsuit or pre-litigation? The answer is no.

Can I Be Deposed More Than Once?

You’re only going to be deposed one time. There are special circumstances where it can happen more than once, but typically it’s just one time.

Have Questions About Depositions?

The personal injury attorneys at Finney Injury Law work closely with our clients to ensure they are prepared and comfortable with the deposition process. We are here to protect your interest. To speak to a skilled litigation and appeals attorney, call the office at 314-293-4222 or complete the contact form.

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