What Are the Most Common Daycare Injuries?

As a parent, grandparent, or guardian, when you drop your child off at daycare or any type of childcare facility, you assume the adults on staff will do everything in their power to keep your child safe. While accidents surely happen among children, we never expect to get a phone call telling us our child has been injured.

When the accident that caused the injury was preventable or was the result of negligence on the part of the staff or the management of the facility, it could be time to contact an experienced childcare injury lawyer from Finney Injury Law. Our St. Louis, Missouri negligent daycare lawyers will answer all your questions in a comprehensive manner, then guide you through the process associated with reporting your child’s injury.

When is a Daycare Injury Cause for Alarm?

Of course, any injury to your child while under the supervision of others is cause for alarm. Some injuries are nothing more than true accidents, yet others demand an explanation. If you have any indication that your child is being neglected while in daycare—and that the neglect led to injury—you need to take immediate action. Some of the signs your child could be suffering neglect or abuse while in daycare include:

  • No explanation is given by staff regarding repeated injuries, or you are not even told of an injury.
  • Your child comes home extremely hungry or thirsty on multiple occasions.
  • You see bruising covering a large area.
  • Bite marks that appear to be too large to belong to another child.
  • Your child is suddenly fearful or reluctant to go to daycare.
  • Your child seems to be losing weight while in daycare.
  • When you attempt to talk to the daycare staff about these issues, they are evasive.

If you see any indications of child neglect at daycare it is imperative that you speak with an experienced lawyer from Finney Injury Law.

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What are the Most Common Daycare Injuries?

There are many different daycare injuries your child could sustain while in daycare, however, the most common of these include:

  • Bumps, bruises, or lacerations—While these injuries can be fairly minor, when a child encounters a bolt or nail on playground equipment that is not fastened or inserted properly, the lacerations or bruises can be more severe. In some cases, a cut can become infected and lead to additional problems.
  • Head injuries, including concussions and traumatic brain injuries—Slip and falls or tumbling from playground equipment can cause head injuries, including both open and closed head wounds. An open head wound may seem more alarming because head wounds tend to bleed profusely. Generally speaking, a closed head wound can be more serious because it may not be readily apparent.
  • Ankle and wrist sprains or other muscle strains—When playing on the playground or participating in gym class, strains and sprains can damage muscles or tendons. Tripping over an object can also result in a sprain or strain.
  • Internal injuries—An internal injury can be just as dangerous as a concussion or other type of traumatic brain injury because it can be unseen. Any time your child does not seem to be recovering as expected from a daycare injury, or when there is a bruise that lingers, it is important to seek medical attention to determine whether internal injuries exist.
  • Burns—Burns from items used to warm bottles—bottle warmers, crockpots, or a pan of boiling water on the stover—can all lead to severe burns to children in daycare facilities..
  • Broken bones or dislocated joints—While a broken bone may be apparent, a dislocated joint can be harder to detect, although still very painful. When a bone pops out of the socket (at a shoulder, elbow, knee, or other joint), a doctor will be required to put the bone back into place and brace it for correct healing.
  • Choking or strangulation—Smaller children can choke on items they put into their mouths, while older children can become tangled in a chain or rope attached to playground equipment. The daycare facility must determine whether there are any hazards with playground equipment.

Where Do These Daycare Injuries Occur?

Playgrounds and the toys used on playgrounds are overwhelmingly the primary places daycare injuries occur. While outside play is crucial for children, all the playground equipment must be well-maintained, with all safety regulations adhered to. Inside, falling objects on shelves and bookcases are another common place where injuries occur. Shelves and bookcases should always be attached securely to the wall, and all heavy objects should be on the bottom shelves. As noted above, bottle warmers and crockpots used to heat formula in bottles can cause scalds to young children when they reach for their bottle.

How Can a Daycare Injury Lawyer from Finney Injury Law Help You?

It is devastating as a parent or caretaker to see your child in pain, particularly when that pain could have been avoided. When an injury is the result of negligence on the part of daycare staff or lack of safety standards by the facility owners, it is time to speak to an attorney at Finney Injury Law. Our highly experienced daycare negligence lawyers can help you determine your course of action and answer all your questions. Contact Finney Injury Law today.