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When you have been involved in an accident which is due to the negligence of another, you may not know which way to turn, or how to protect yourself during this difficult time, in order to receive the medical treatment you need as well as compensation from the negligent party. Your injuries may be so serious that you are unable to return to your regular job, which means you are also unable to pay your regular monthly expenses.

At some point after your accident, you could actually be feeling rather hopeless about your health and your future and may have no idea how to convince the insurance company to provide an equitable settlement. This is where the St. Louis injury attorneys at the Finney Injury Law come in. We have significant experience helping people just like you. We understand the emotional roller coaster you may be on during this time and will compassionately work hard on your behalf to minimize the negative aspects of your accident. Finney Injury Law practices in the following areas:

Accident Law

The most common types of accidents are those involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, and pedestrians. Unfortunately, not every driver shares the road safely with others. Those driving a passenger vehicle must not only watch out for other passenger vehicles, but they must also watch for motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians, as well as for larger vehicles such as trucks and buses. Our current society places a high value on multi-tasking, and these behaviors quite often influence how we drive. Distracted driving is quickly becoming the number one cause of auto accidents. We eat entire meals as we drive, program the GPS, talk on the phone, text, turn around to see what the children are doing in the back seat, talk to our passengers or daydream or “zone out” on our way to and from work.

These distractions are highly likely to result in an accident, and, in some cases, an accident with fatal consequences. Truck drivers can also be distracted but are equally likely to be fatigued from spending too many hours behind the wheel. Because a truck driver is operating a vehicle which is 25 or 30 times the size of a passenger vehicle, the results of a collision can be particularly deadly. Both trucks and buses must be properly maintained, including brake and tire checks prior to each trip. These large vehicles take much more time and distance to stop, therefore it is important that passenger vehicles always leave plenty of distance between their vehicle and the truck or bus.

Motorcyclists and bicyclists are a vulnerable group, as they are not nearly as visible to other drivers, plus they have none of the protections afforded those in a car, truck or bus. When a motorcyclist or bicyclist is struck by a car, truck or bus, death or serious injury is likely. Pedestrians are also an extremely vulnerable group. Like bicyclists and motorcyclists, pedestrians have no steel and glass surrounding them, no safety belt and no airbag. Finney Injury Law has been helping victims of these types of accidents for years. We can take your case all the way to trial, when warranted, and will fight the insurance company to ensure you are taken care of after the accident.

Mild to Severe Brain Injuries

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, you could look the same on the outside, while inside you are forever changed. Brain injuries, whether mild, moderate or severe, can become of the most complex injuries, causing long-term devastation to the victim and his or her family. Most traumatic brain injuries are the result of an auto accident (auto, truck, bus, bicycle, motorcycle or pedestrian), an act of violence, a sports injury or medical malpractice. A relatively mild concussion may not result in lifelong medical issues, but can nonetheless cause significant physical, mental and emotional problems for a period of time. Brain injuries do not only cause physical symptoms, rather come with a wide array of cognitive and emotional issues as well. A person with a traumatic brain injury might not be able to return to work for weeks, months, or even forever.

When more serious brain injuries occur, the victim might require long-term medical care, and might never return to the life he or she enjoyed prior to the accident. Brain injuries are also among the most-likely injury to result in financial devastation. Insurance may not pay for the necessary treatments and when a lawsuit is filed, the insurance company may attempt to give you a quick but very low settlement. Because brain injury cases can be complex, it is particularly important that you contact an injury attorney from Finney Injury Law to ensure your rights are properly protected.


Premise Liability

If you were injured on someone else’s property, and you have extensive injuries because the property was not properly maintained, you need a solid premise liability attorney who will work hard on your behalf to ensure you are equitably compensated. Premise liability cases typically deal with slip and fall accidents caused by spilled liquids, tracked-in snow or ice, defective sidewalks or staircases, items left in the walking path of a store, poor construction, or building code violations. Slip and fall accidents occur in grocery stores, restaurants, bars, public restrooms, retail stores and on sidewalks, escalators, and stairs. Slip and falls can also occur in places like theme parks, in swimming pool areas, and on cruise ships.

The responsibility of property owners varies according to local, state and federal law, however no matter where you live, properties must be maintained in order to prevent injury, and when an injury does occur, the injured party is entitled to seek damages for compensation regarding medical bills, lost wages and applicable pain and suffering. The premise liability attorneys at the Finney Injury Law will thoroughly investigate your accident and subsequent injuries to determine what you are entitled to in the way of compensation. We will take care of dealing with insurance companies and medical providers, helping you get back to the life you had prior to the accident.

Childcare/Daycare Negligence & Injury

The worst nightmare of virtually every parent is daycare negligence or abuse. Most parents who have to work have little choice in whether to leave their children in a daycare facility. Unfortunately, negligence is a reality in many daycare centers across the United States, due in part to a lack of regulation. When a caregiver fails to act in an appropriate manner, and a child is injured, our legal system can help provide accountability and compensation. Even the most minor lapse in care at a childcare or daycare facility can have tragic consequences.

For this reason, daycare providers must always act carefully to keep the children in their care safe and secure. One of the greatest causes of daycare injuries is simple lack of supervision, and many daycare facilities far exceed the recommended ration of child to adult. If your child has been injured by the negligence of a daycare provider, Finney Injury Law can help. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of daycare and childcare facility negligence and understand the accompanying statutes of limitations involved in these cases. It is important that you not waive your rights to monetary or other benefits in a daycare or childcare negligence case.

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