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The trial attorneys and experienced staff at Finney Injury Law are here to assist fellow attorneys in achieving a successful outcome for their clients.

A personal injury case involving a client with a traumatic brain injury, catastrophic injury, or a wrongful death case is complicated and expensive. If your high-level case demands an experienced team to get your client the best results possible, we’re here for you.
When you partner with Finney Injury Law, you can expect:

  • Financial assistance to ensure your client receives proper treatment, proper experts, and results for your case.
  • Open dialogue, exchange ideas and strategies with a legal team just as invested in the case as you are.
  • Beginning to end support. We can assist in trial briefs, Motions In Limine, instructions, summary judgments, post-verdict issues, appellate arguments, and appellate drafting.

Our highly skilled attorneys will assist you at any phase of your case. Regardless if you are in the beginning, investigation and development, litigation, trial preparation, or presentation stages, we are prepared to share our knowledge.

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Brief Examples

Hurley, Kayla v Burton, Karen – Plaintiff’s Memorandum in Support For Motion For New Trial On All Issues

Brief of Respondent Gary Veal

Recent Co-Counsel Successes

20 Million Dollar Wrongful Death – Trucking Accident Verdict

Original Offer: $0
Final Result: $20,025,000.00
Case Number: 2011-CC00821
Case Date: 08/05/2022
Type: Verdict
Insurance Company: Sentry Insurance

Schultz, et al vs. Great Plains Trucking, Inc., et al – Jury Verdict

On Friday, August 5, 2022, a St. Charles County, MO jury agreed to hold a Kansas trucking company responsible for the death of a 19-year-old, returning a verdict of $20,025,000.00.

Attorneys Toni Schlapprizzi and Craig Schlapprizzi of Schlapprizzi Attorneys at Law represented the mother while Firm attorneys Chris Finney and Alex Ledbetter co-counseled the case representing the young man’s father.

On August 6, 2019, “Junior” was traveling in the passenger seat of the family vehicle on Hwy-70 when the SUV was struck by a semi-truck causing catastrophic injury to Junior and ultimately his death.

The trucking company denied culpability in Junior’s death. They offered $0 to settle the case and an alternative explanation for the young man’s passing, blaming his mother, the SUV driver.

Three years after his death, our St. Charles truck accident attorneys stood toe-to-toe with the defense counsel in a St. Charles county courtroom. The days were long filled with expert and witness testimonies, photo and video exhibits and statements.  The jury worked well into the evening on the fifth and final day; at 11 pm, they rendered their verdict: $20,025,000.00.

We cannot say enough about the people of St. Charles who served and worked on this jury. They gave of themselves to arrive at this verdict and received nothing in return. It’s incredibly selfless and humbling to watch.

Money will never replace the loss of a child, but we are incredibly grateful to the jury and couldn’t be happier for our clients, especially the mother who was blamed for her son’s death for three years by the defense.

$2.5 M Auto Accident

Case Number: 17SL-AC26803 
Case Date:
Insurance Company:
 Liberty Mutual

Brown V. Clifford-Jury Verdict

Our client was an active grandmother who gardened and practiced yoga until she was struck in a T-bone collision by a man pulling out of his driveway. She developed permanent chronic neck pain as a result from the crash. The defendant’s insurance company originally offered $14,937 to compensate for our client’s decreased quality of life, blaming the pain on her age. Read more in our January 2019 newsletter cover story.

$2.5 M Auto Accident

Case Number: 17JE-CC00795
Case Date: 07/14/2019
Insurance Company:

Veal v. Kelam-Jury Verdict

A small business owner, our client worked hard to support his family. That was until a crashed terribly and unnaturally altered his life forever. Despite the efforts of the defense to blame him for the crash and say it was only worth $5,000, the jury saw through it. Read more in our July newsletter cover story.

$1.25 M Brain Injury

Case Number: n/a
Case Date: 05/07/2018
Insurance Company:

Moore v. Van Ronzelen-Settlement

Settlement He was planning a career in the U.S. Navy until a motorcycle accident resulted in several serious injuries, including a traumatic brain injury. Despite both our client and the defendant facing charges, a settlement was reached. Easing the burden of our client’s life-care expenses for him and his family.

$250k Truck Accident

Case Number: 1822-AC05315
Case Date: 08/28/2019

Seger v. City of St. Louis – Jury Verdict

A jury of 12 found the City of St. Louis responsible for the injuries causes against its own citizen. Read More in the October 2019 newsletter cover story.

$900K Pedestrian/Vehicle Accident

Case Number: Confidential
Case Date: 03/06/2020
Type: Settlement
Insurance Company: Confidential

Confidential vs. Confidential – Settlement

It was a day like any other. Our client arrived to work, approached the crosswalk, and was suddenly and violently run over by a car as he walked across the street. He suffered multiple injuries, including two broken arms. His injuries prevented him from performing his job as a custodian and the usual daily activities most of us take for granted. He would battle depression caused by his injuries and the toll they took on his day-to-day life.

While our client fought to recover, our Firm prepared for battle against the insurance company. A lawsuit was filed, the Firm ready to fight for justice for our client in court. Fortunately, before our client ever saw the inside of a courtroom, a settlement was reached.

Learn more about our trial verdicts and settlement successes.