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When you have been involved in an accident, whether involving a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, bus, or as a pedestrian, you can face a number of challenges following the accident. In particular, if your injuries are serious, your entire life can be changed. You could find yourself unable to return to work, facing mountains of medical bills and a recalcitrant insurance company. In order to ensure the outcome of your accident is as positive as possible, contact an experienced St. Louis personal injury attorney as quickly as possible after your accident.

Car Accidents

As determined by the car insurance industry and reported by Forbes, every “average” adult driver will statistically speaking, file a claim for a collision about once every 17.9 years. This means if you received your driver’s license at the age of 16, it is likely you will be involved in some type of crash by the time you are 34, and over the course of your lifetime, you will have at least three crashes. While this statistic seems quite alarming, remember that the chances are high these crashes will not be deadly, because the numbers include every type of car accident, from parking lot bump-ins to multi-car pileups on the freeway.

Following a car accident, it is extremely important that you seek medical attention—even if you believe you are “fine.” During a car accident, the body experiences a surge of adrenaline which can often mask symptoms of an injury. If you refuse medical attention—then later realize you were actually injured in the collision—it could be much more difficult for your attorney to secure an equitable settlement on your behalf. In the same vein, never utter the words “I’m sorry” at the scene of the accident, even if you believe you might have been at least partially responsible for the collision. In fact, say as little as possible at the scene of the accident and afterward, until you have spoken to a knowledgeable St. Louis car accident attorney.

Truck Accidents

Being involved in a truck accident is always a tremendously traumatic event. When you consider that a semi-truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, fully loaded, the odds that those in a passenger vehicle will not be seriously injured after colliding with a truck are very low. In fact, death and long-term disability due to a truck accident are common.

Truck accident claims can be especially complex, due to the fact that there can be more than one defendant. In a “typical” two-vehicle auto accident, the only defendant is the person who hit you. In a truck accident, however, a number of entities or people can be held liable. Perhaps the truck accident was the fault of the driver, or perhaps the trucking company hired an inexperienced driver or failed to perform a thorough background check.

A truck accident could be the result of poorly-loaded or secured cargo, placing the loading company in a liable position, or could be the result of inadequate maintenance on the truck. The truck accident could also be caused by a defective truck part, which would make the manufacturer of the truck liable. In many truck accidents, there is more than one liable party, requiring a highly experienced St. Louis truck accident attorney to ensure you are properly compensated.

Motorcycle Accidents

Serious head injuries and spinal cord injuries are much more common among motorcyclists than for those in passenger vehicles. Motorcycles are simply less visible to other drivers, plus there is no protection for the motorcyclist in the form of a metal and glass cage, safety belts, and airbags. Motorcycle helmets are about 37 percent effective in preventing the death of the motorcyclist following an accident, and 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries, yet only 19 states and the District of Columbia mandate helmet use for all motorcyclists.

The motorcyclist’s only protection lies in a helmet (if worn) and protective clothing such as leather chaps. The single most dangerous situation for a motorcyclist occurs when automobiles make left-hand turns—accounting for 42% of all accidents between motorcycles and cars. Such accidents occur when the motorcycle is either going straight through an intersection or passing a car. Like truck accidents, motorcycle accidents can be must more complex than passenger vehicle accidents, therefore it is absolutely imperative that a St. Louis motorcycle accident attorney be contacted following an accident.

Pedestrian Accidents

Like motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists are extremely vulnerable when they are struck by a vehicle, as they have no protection whatsoever. When a pedestrian is struck by a car, the results are usually catastrophic, resulting in serious injury or death. Even though state laws do their best to protect pedestrians and keep these traumatic events from happening, the CDC reports that in the United States alone over 5,000 pedestrians are killed annually after being struck by an automobile. Further, about 129,000 will suffer some level of injury after being struck by a car, whether relatively minor or life-altering.

All in all, pedestrians are much more likely than those in a passenger vehicle to be killed in a car accident on any given trip.  A pedestrian is simply no match for a car, which can be several thousand pounds of metal and glass. Even though the passengers and driver inside the car are fairly well protected, the pedestrian is totally vulnerable to serious injury. While pedestrians generally have the right-of-way, there are certain exceptions. Generally speaking, however, it is driver inattention which results in a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle. The level of injury requires a highly experienced pedestrian accident attorney who will work hard to ensure the injured pedestrian is compensated for injuries and lost wages.

Bicycle Accidents

The risk of riding a bicycle varies widely depending on the time of day, the rider’s level of experience, the area the bicyclist is riding in, whether there is alcohol involved, however the health benefits of riding a bicycle on a regular basis do somewhat offset the risks.

While the majority of bicycle accidents occur in cities, those with colleges are more likely to have an increased number of bicycle accidents. If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, you may have extremely serious injuries. A highly experienced St. Louis bicycle accident attorney will be in your corner, protecting your rights and fighting hard for an equitable settlement.

Bus Accidents

All-in-all, travel by bus is relatively safe as far as travel modes go. Unfortunately, when a bus does crash, there will likely be many injured passengers, and the injuries can be severe. Issues which can increase the odds of a bus accident include young or inexperienced bus drivers or bus driver who are distracted, fatigued or impaired. Like the truck in a truck accident, a bus may not have been properly maintained, or there could even be flaws in the bus or bus parts, which would make the manufacturer liable. If you are involved in a bus accident getting legal help can make a big difference for you, as far as ensuring you are properly compensated for your medical bills and lost wages.

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If you have been involved in an auto, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle or bus accident, it is likely you will deal with not only the physical injuries but mental and emotional trauma as well. Dealing with an insurance company while seeking medical treatment and perhaps being unable to return to your regular job and your normal life, are all difficult things to deal with. In short, an accident of this sort can seriously disrupt your life, and having a competent, experienced St. Louis personal injury attorney from Finney Injury Law by your side can significantly impact the aftermath of your accident. It is important that you not wait to contact a Finney Injury Law attorney following your accident—the sooner we are able to protect your rights and fight for your future, the better for you. Contact an experiencedSt. Louis personal injury attorney from Finney Injury Law today.