When your child receives chemical burns while in a daycare facility due to the negligence of a staff member, you may feel overwhelmed, of course, your first priority is to ensure your child gets the medical attention they need for their injuries. Once you have taken care of that, you may want to consider holding the person responsible for the chemical burns liable for your child’s injuries, particularly if negligence was involved. 

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Why Choose a St. Louis Daycare Chemical Burns Lawyer from Finney Injury Law?

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What Are Chemical Burns?

Chemical burns can result in severe tissue damage to the skin, blindness, lung damage, and even death, especially if not treated promptly. Chemical burns typically occur as a result of exposure to strong acids, bleach, drain cleaners, gasoline, and other hazardous substances.

Mild chemical burns may be challenging to detect, while more severe ones require immediate first aid. Even a mild chemical burn can cause damage that reveals itself hours following exposure, similar to a sunburn. If you suspect a chemical burn, seek medical attention right away.

Most chemical burns accidents are truly an accident. However, special precautions must be taken in daycare facilities to ensure children cannot access chemicals. Like thermal burns, there are “degrees” of chemical burns:

  • First-degree chemical burns affect only the outer layer of the skin. While the area may have a rash or be red and inflamed, the damage is not permanent. 
  • Second-degree chemical burns extend into the next layer of skin (dermis) and can cause swelling and blistering. Second-degree chemical burns often leave permanent scars. 
  • Third-degree chemical burns go through the top two layers of skin and can damage tissue, causing the burned area to appear white or black and destroying nerves. Permanent scars result from a third-degree chemical burn and can take as long as a year to heal. 

How Can a Chemical Burn Happen in a Daycare?

Chemical burns should never occur in a daycare facility and only occur when proper safety precautions have not been taken. All chemicals should be in a locked or childproof cabinet where a child cannot access them. This includes bleach, all cleaning supplies, antifreeze, fertilizers, and pest control products). Children should always be properly supervised while in a daycare facility, but of primary importance is keeping chemicals where there is absolutely no access by children, whether supervised or unsupervised. 

Lack of properly trained or negligent staff and a lack of clear policies about chemical storage can also contribute to a chemical burn. If your child has suffered a chemical burn while in daycare, you definitely have a negligence claim. Having an experienced St. Louis child chemical burns lawyer from Finney Injury Law guiding you through the process is essential for a positive outcome. 

What Types of Chemicals Present at a Daycare Could Cause an Injury?

The most common type of chemicals that are present at a daycare facility is cleaning supplies. All too often, adults don’t think about a child opening up a bottle of cleaner containing harmful chemicals and pouring it on themselves, inhaling the fumes, or even drinking the substance. Bleach is often left where it can be accessed, as are common household cleaners. If the daycare is in a private home, there may be a garage with several different chemicals, including antifreeze, and gardening supplies with chemicals, including fertilizers. 

What Should You Do if Your Child Was Injured by a Chemical Burn at a Daycare?

If your child has experienced a chemical burn under daycare supervision, it’s important to act fast and obtain information regarding the cause of the injury, the severity of the burn, and whether emergency services have been contacted. Children, especially young ones, may require immediate medical attention for severe burns that can damage their delicate skin, whereas minor burns can be treated safely at home. To ensure that your child receives the necessary care, don’t hesitate to ask the right questions when dealing with the situation.

Additionally, contacting an attorney from Finney Injury Law can help you navigate this difficult situation. Our expertise and assistance can significantly affect whether the insurer will pay for a fair and complete settlement covering all the damages your child incurred. 

Hiring a St. Louis Child Chemical Burns Lawyer from Finney Injury Law Near You

The process of taking legal action after your child has suffered a chemical burn while at daycare can feel impossible or overwhelming. A positive outcome to this legal action is much more likely when you have Finney Injury Law by your side. We believe your child’s daycare should be safe and you should be able to trust that your child is well taken care of. If your child’s chemical burn resulted from clear negligence, contact a St. Louis child chemical burns lawyer from Finney Injury Law.