There are few things worse than losing a loved one. If your spouse, partner, child, sibling, parent, or anyone else you care deeply about dies following an accident, you can be left feeling lost and overwhelmed. In some cases, you may feel angry about the accident that led to the death of your loved one or you may even experience depression, apathy, or anxiety. There is no easy way to get through the death of a loved one. That being said, there are certain things you can do that will give you the time you need to grieve while financial recovery is taken care of by an experienced St. Louis wrongful death attorney. 

Finney Injury Law has been helping people like you for many years. Because of this, we know what you need, and we know how to achieve your goals. While money is certainly not uppermost in your mind right now, if your loved one was the primary wage earner for your family, being without their income can leave you financially insecure. At Finney Injury Law, we will handle all the legal details of your St. Louis wrongful death claim. This allows you the time you deserve to grieve and adjust to life without your loved one.      

What is Wrongful Death?

When an individual dies as a result of the negligence or carelessness of another, their loved ones can sue for wrongful death. A wrongful death can sometimes begin as a personal injury claim. When a person is severely injured due to another’s carelessness, they may live for days, weeks, or even months. During that time, the injured person would have a valid personal injury claim against the at-fault party, asking for damages associated with their medical expenses, lost wages, lost future wages, pain and suffering, and any other damages. 

If those injuries later cause the individual’s death, the claim becomes a wrongful death claim. Each state has its own wrongful death statute of limitations that governs who can bring the wrongful death claim, and how long the window of time to bring that claim will be. 

In Missouri, the decedent’s surviving spouse, parents, children, or grandchildren (if the children are deceased) have the right to bring a wrongful death claim. The Missouri statute of limitations is three years from the time of the death. Waiting longer than that could result in an inability to collect wrongful death damages. 

Why Should You Choose Finney Injury Law as Your St. Louis Wrongful Death Attorney?

Choosing a St. Louis wrongful death attorney from Finney Injury Law makes sense following the death of a loved one. It’s normal that you may not be thinking clearly due to your grief. Having someone you trust to ensure you receive a full and fair wrongful death settlement from the at-fault individual’s insurance can take a huge burden from you. At Finney Injury Law, attorneys Chris Finney and Alex Ledbetter, and their legal team, always go the extra mile for their clients. You are never a number or a settlement amount to us—you are an individual we will get to know throughout the process. 

What Are the Most Common Causes of Wrongful Death?

Across the United States, there are many causes of wrongful death. Of course, not every accident is a wrongful death—sometimes an accident is nothing more than an accident. When your loved one dies due to negligence or carelessness, however, a wrongful death has occurred. Some of the most common types of wrongful death accidents include:

  • Auto Accidents—like personal injury claims, auto accidents are the number one cause of wrongful death claims. When a driver does not take reasonable care when driving, fails to obey traffic signals and signs, or fails to follow the rules of the road and an accident with injuries or death occurs, that driver is liable for the damages. Distracted driving, driving while overly fatigued, impaired driving, excess speed, tailgating, and failure to yield are all causes of auto accidents that are avoidable, making the driver responsible. Pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, commercial truck accidents, and passenger vehicle accidents are all causes of wrongful deaths. 
  • Medical malpractice is another cause of wrongful deaths. Some of the most common types of medical malpractice that can potentially result in wrongful death include misdiagnoses or delayed diagnoses, surgical errors, emergency room errors, and prescription drug errors. In some instances, the hospital may also be held liable for wrongful death. 
  • Defective products that result in death—whether through a faulty manufacturing process or a failure to warn of potential injuries—can result in a wrongful death claim. 
  • Work-related and construction accidents may result in wrongful death. These work or construction-related accidents could be caused by faulty equipment, workplace negligence, or improper employee training. 

Other causes of wrongful death include drowning, boating and watercraft accidents, premises liability accidents, nursing home abuse and negligence, and criminal acts. 

What Are the Chances of Winning a Wrongful Death Claim?

While every case is unique in some way, if liability is clear in your wrongful death claim and you have well-documented damages, your chance of being successful is vastly increased. For a wrongful death claim to have the best odds of winning, a highly experienced St. Louis wrongful death attorney is essential. Your wrongful death attorney can accurately assess your situation and build a comprehensive claim on your behalf.

Your attorney will then negotiate with the negligent party’s insurance company for the highest settlement possible. When the insurance company is unwilling to pay a reasonable amount for your claim, your St. Louis wrongful death attorney will take your claim to court where they will fight zealously for you and your future. As an example of a Finney Injury Law success, in August 2022, attorneys Chris Finney and Alex Ledbetter co-counseled a wrongful death claim that resulted in a $20 million verdict.  

Why Hiring a St. Louis Wrongful Death Attorney from Finney Injury Law Can Help

When you choose a St. Louis wrongful death attorney from Finney Injury Law, you have chosen a law firm with a solid reputation—not only for winning but also for treating clients with dignity and respect. Our experience in personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death claims allows us to secure the best outcomes for our clients. When you have the best wrongful death attorney advocating tirelessly on your behalf, you are much more likely to receive a full and fair wrongful death settlement. Contact Finney Injury Law today for a free evaluation of your wrongful death claim.