What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Chris Finney, Trial Attorney

What is a traumatic brain or what classifies as a traumatic brain injury? It’s a huge question. At Finney Injury Law, we like to call them concussive brain injury and traumatic brain injury. Many people get confused over mild traumatic brain injury(MTBI) versus severe traumatic brain injury.

The main thing about all those is that they do involve some injury to the brain. Some of them you can’t see on an MRI. Some of them you can see on an MRI or a CT scan. The vast majority of brain injuries we handle cannot be seen on a basic MRI and can’t see on a CT scan. They will be injuries like a diffuse axonal injury where the axons sheer and tear and break. There can be very minute injuries inside the brain that don’t show up on a regular MRI. Therefore it’s going to be very hard to diagnose through a regular clinician or doctor because it requires advanced testing.

 So when we talk about traumatic brain injuries, we always start by looking at concussions through loss of consciousness. And a concussion is a traumatic brain injury, without a doubt. Every doctor will tell you that it’s a traumatic brain injury. So, whether you lost consciousness or not in an auto crash or a slip and fall, you may very well have experienced or suffered a form of a traumatic brain injury that needs to be addressed and also needs to be a part of your case.

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Our traumatic brain injury lawyers have extensive experience and skill set required to represent our injured clients. We have negotiated and litigated numerous successful personal injury settlements for our clients who have suffered brain injury trauma. Contact us for a free consultation.

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