How Do You Treat a Traumatic Brain Injury

Chris Finney, Trial Attorney

Unfortunately, in our practice, we haven’t really seen a definitive way to treat a traumatic brain injury.

Is There A Cure For A Brain Injury?

Right now, you can diagnose traumatic brain injuries, but the treatment varies, and there really isn’t a cure for traumatic brain injury at this point. The reason is that it’s a permanent injury.

When you lose brain cells, they don’t regenerate; they are dead. You’ll sometimes hear in the literature or doctors say “brain cell death.” And that is what happens anytime you suffer any type of concussive brain injury, severe brain injury, moderate brain injury, or loss of consciousness; you’ll have some brain cell death that does not regenerate.

Treating Brain Cell Loss From A Brain Injury

There are some therapies that can be done, such as vestibular dysfunction therapies, where you assess the balance issues of someone. There are some things a doctor can do for your vision for photophobia or light sensitivity. Doctors or vision centers can address that by giving you different lenses and other similar items.

Brian Injury And Hormonal Changes

Doctors can also look at your endocrine system. Diabetes is an issue that comes up after brain injury, and people don’t realize it. You can get a blood test to identify it and handle those side effects and those things that come up as a result of a traumatic brain injury.

But in terms of treatment like you put a cast on it, stitches on it, like you would with any other kind of injury or do a surgery; we’re just not seeing that. We’re not aware of it, which makes a traumatic brain injury, whether it’s concussive, all the way up to severe, a very difficult injury to deal with, to treat, and also to get adequate recovery and adequate value from a jury.

This is why you need to get to somebody who can put all this together and find out what’s the story behind all of this and see if it matches up to see what caused this.

Missouri Brain Injury Attorney

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