School Bus Crashes – What You Need To Know

Alex Ledbetter, Trial Attorney

Right now, only eight (8) states require seat belts on school buses. Unfortunately, Missouri isn’t one of them. Also, there are currently no federal laws requiring seat belts on school buses either.

Therefore, if you or your family find yourself involved in a school bus crash there are somethings you need to know.

Who Could Be Liable In a School Bus Crash

The first thing to look at is who is responsible for a crash. It could be the:

  • Bus driver
  • Contract company that hires the school bus drivers
  • The school district
  • Or, other drivers on the road

With the possibility of there being multiple entities/individuals responsible for a school bus crash it is important to do a case investigation so we can find every available defendant who could be responsible for the injuries to you and your family.

Statute of Limitations for a School Bus Crash

The statute of limitations will forever bar your personal injury claim so it’s important to know who much time you have to bring this claim. Typically the statute of limitations for an injury action in Missouri is five (5) years. It will also depend on the age of your child.

Sovereign Immunity and School Bus Accident Liability

If it’s found that the most liable defendant is a public entity sovereign immunity could bat you claim or reduce the amount of damages available to you and your family.

Right now the law in Missouri says that the maximum amount of damages you can seek is

  • $300,000.00 for a single claim
  • $200,000,000.00 total for the total accident 

Liability and Timing of the Crash

Who is liable for a school bus accident will also depend on the timing of the crash. Was it an after-school activity, was it a school sponsored activity, and was it a field trip?

All this is important when determining who could be liable for the damages in a school bus crash.

Do I Need a School Bus Accident Attorney?

It can be difficult to determine who is responsible for a school bus accident.  If you or your family find are in need of a school bus accident lawyer contact the attorney’s knowledgeable trial attorneys at Finney Injury Law.

Our legal team will review your case, at no cost to you, and arm you with the information you need to take the next step.

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