$2.95 Million Dollar Trucking Accident Settlement

Confidential v. Confidential Trucking Company

In early March of 2020, our client was struck from behind by a top 50 National trucking company.  Our client was driving on I-70 headed to a funeral.  Immediately, based on body cam footage and 911 calls, the trucker blamed our client for “cutting (sic) off” and “stopping short.”  Our client wasn’t sure of her injuries at the time and refused medical attention though she didn’t feel well. Her car was totaled.  When we initially got the case, we could tell our client was in some serious discomfort. She is a wonderful woman who is a wife, mother and grandmother.  She had just started a new job and could not keep up due to the pain.  Eventually, she was forced to quit her job to focus on her physical health.  As her treatment progressed, we began to see she needed some major surgeries.  In the middle of COVID, she needed a shoulder surgery and a neck surgery.  Fortunately, she was able to get them done, starting with the shoulder and then a multi-level replacement of discs in her neck.

back of red car with a dented bumper

During all of this, we pushed forward with the fault aspect of her case.  Our client had released her vehicle prior to hiring us so we needed to find it.  We needed the data off of it.  Alex tracked the car by the VIN and found in the bootheel of Missouri.  He got in touch with the new owners of the car and we arranged a download using our Bosch CDR that we own and utilize.  It showed exactly what we expected—our client was not swerving or stopping short.  She gradually came to a halt based on traffic and there was zero evidence of her cutting into the lane in front of the trucker.  The computer doesn’t lie.  We also obtained old employment records of our client which showed what a great and determined person she is.  We focused hard on those facts and kept the pressure on.

back of red car after accident

After aggressively litigating this case and sharing all of our info with the defense, they offered $1,000,000.  We rejected it outright.  After some back and forth, the case resolved for $2,950,000 for our client and her husband.