While it is hoped that you never need to contact a Missouri bottle warmer burn injury lawyer, this type of injury is all too common at daycare facilities. Bottle warmers are a convenience for busy staff, ensuring a warm bottle of milk is available quickly when a baby is hungry. Sometimes, daycare staff may not treat these bottle warmers with the caution they require. Serious accidents can occur when a child is not being monitored or when proper safety precautions are not in place for bottle warmers. 

The burns from a bottle warmer can be severe, requiring time in a burn injury facility, causing pain, and even permanent disfigurement. A child may accidentally pull on or become entangled in a bottle warmer electrical cord, pulling the hot water onto their face, back, shoulders, and arms. Virtually all bottle warmer burn injuries are preventable, making such burn injuries the result of negligence on the part of daycare staff. If your child has received serious burns from a bottle warmer accident, Finney Injury Law can help you through this difficult time. 

Why Choose a Missouri Bottle Warmer Burn Injury Lawyer from Finney Injury Law?

Choosing a Missouri bottle warmer burn injury lawyer from Finney Injury Law can ensure you have a strong advocate in your corner from start to finish. Our firm is highly client-centric, with more than 100 positive client reviews to our credit. We provide a free consultation and 24/7 availability, even coming to you when it is too difficult for you to travel. With both English and Spanish-speaking staff, we aim to make hiring a Missouri bottle warmer daycare injury lawyer as easy and comfortable as possible. 

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How Can a Bottle Warmer Cause Injury at a Daycare?

While convenient, bottle warmers can cause serious burns to small children and infants. If the bottle warmer is on a countertop but plugged into a lower plug-in, a small child can pull on the cord, toppling the warmer over onto them and other children in the area, causing thermal burns. When the bottle warmer is on a lower table, a child can pull on the warmer or the cord or can put their hand into the hot water. 

Bottle warmers often replace microwaving a bottle—which can cause hot pockets of milk that burn the mouth—or heating water on the stovetop and placing the bottle in hot water. These methods can be just as dangerous as a bottle warmer so the bottom line is that daycares must follow clear safety rules when heating bottles and must always ensure constant supervision of all children. 

What Are the Types of Injuries Bottle Warmers Can Cause?

If your child has sustained injuries from a bottle warmer, they may include one or more of the following:

  • Severe pain
  • Muscle or tissue damage
  • First, second, or third-degree thermal burns
  • Peeling skin
  • Scarring
  • Blistering skin
  • Loss of a limb
  • Disfigurement
  • Shock
  • Death

What is the Impact on Your Child of a Bottle Warmer Burn Injury?

In addition to the physical impact a bottle warmer burn injury can have on your child, there can also be a significant emotional impact. The pain of a burn can be excruciating. More severe burns must undergo debridement each day, where the burned skin is scrubbed away—an extremely painful procedure. Long-term emotional damage can accompany a severe bottle warmer burn injury, sometimes requiring professional assistance. 

Why Do Daycares Use Bottle Warmers?

Daycares that care for infants and young toddlers use bottle warmers as a convenience. The bottle warmer can heat a bottle up quickly and to the correct temperature. Large daycares with many infants and limited staff need to get babies fed quickly to move on to the next hungry baby. There is nothing inherently wrong with using a bottle warmer, but only in situations where safety rules for the warmers are absolutely adhered to, all staff is trained in these safety rules, and children are always supervised.  

How Can Negligence in a Daycare Contribute to a Bottle Warmer Injury?

Daycare facilities have a duty to use bottle warmers and other similar devices in a safe manner so that no injuries occur. They also have a duty to ensure that all children are consistently supervised. The rules for using bottle warmers should be clear to all staff members, and there should never be any deviations when implementing those rules. Staff should be properly trained to safely use bottle warmers and other similar devices. There should also be clear rules in place for the supervision of all children in the facility. Any time there is a deviation from these rules and injuries result, then negligence has occurred. 

How Can a Missouri Bottle Warmer Burn Injury Lawyer Help Prove Liability?

To prove liability, your Missouri bottle warmer burn injury lawyer from Finney Injury Law will collect all the evidence and comprehensively assess all the facts and circumstances surrounding the injury. The daycare has a duty to provide a safe environment for your child. If this duty was breached, that breach of duty caused an injury, and that injury resulted in damages, then liability should be clear. Damages may include medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Why Should You Hire a Missouri Bottle Warmer Daycare Injury Lawyer Near You to Help Your Family?

Following a Missouri bottle warmer daycare injury, speaking to an attorney from Finney Injury Law is important. We are highly skilled, experienced, compassionate attorneys who can answer all your questions and clearly present your options. We are just as experienced in court as in negotiations, so no matter what direction your case takes, we have you covered. We will guide you through the process, working for you and your family at every turn for a positive outcome. Contact Finney Injury Law today.