Columbia Car Accidents

When you are involved in a Missouri car accident, you can find yourself overwhelmed by the issues you are facing. One moment you are going about your day, and the next a negligent driver has changed your life forever. It can seem as though your life may never return to normal as you struggle to recover from your injuries, possibly facing financial issues from the accident as well. There were a reported 931 fatal accidents in Missouri in 2021, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Both nationally and in Missouri, August experienced a disproportionately high number of these accidents. Why? Last-minute vacations and increased weekend activities before the school year results in more cars on the road and an increased chance of car accidents. If you’ve been involved in a Columbia car accident, you may be stressed, injured, and anxious about your health as well as your financial future. Having an experienced Columbia car accident attorney from Finney Injury Law by your side can make a difference in the outcome of your accident. 

Why Choose a Columbia Car Accident Attorney from Finney Injury Law?

The aftermath of a car accident can be extremely difficult, particularly if you are dealing with serious injuries resulting from the accident. If you are the victim of another driver’s negligence, it is important that you have a strong Columbia car accident attorney from Finney Injury Law on your side. The outcome of your damages claim can depend largely on the attorney you choose. 

At Finney Injury Law we truly care about each and every client. We really listen to our clients, learning about them, their families, their jobs, and how the accident has altered their futures. We listen to our clients, so we know what they need.  We are both highly skilled negotiators and exemplary trial lawyers, so no matter how many twists and turns your case may take, we are always 100 percent prepared. At Finney Injury Law we offer:

  • A stellar reputation and more than 100 positive reviews
  • Award-winning trial lawyers
  • Deep involvement in the community
  • Both English and Spanish-speaking staff
  • Virtual appointments are available when you are too injured to travel
  • All personal injury claims are taken on a contingency basis, making it affordable to hire a Columbia car accident attorney from Finney Injury Law  
  • 24/7 availability

Choosing an attorney who will fight for you is one of the most important things you can do following a Columbia car accident. We know you have many choices and would like to speak to you regarding your claim. At Finney Injury Law we believe that once you speak to an attorney at our firm, your choice will be clear. 

What Are Common Damages That Can Be Collected Following a Car Accident?

There are a variety of damages you may be entitled to collect following your Columbia car accident. While we will estimate your future medical expenses—and ask for those costs when we file your lawsuit—we want to be sure you do not have any injuries from the accident that have not yet manifested.  Your pain and suffering damages can be for actual physical pain as well as for emotional pain and trauma. It is important that you can clearly show how the emotional aspect of your accident has altered your ability to live your life as you did before the accident. 

What is the Legal Process Following an Auto Accident?

Once you have notified your own insurance company and hired a Columbia car accident attorney, the legal process will begin. Your attorney will thoroughly investigate your car accident until proof of liability is clear. He or she will then file a claim for damages on your behalf after comprehensively figuring out all your costs related to the accident. Negotiations will ensue between your lawyer and the insurance company. If a fair settlement offer cannot be reached, your attorney will go to trial, arguing your case in front of a jury for a verdict that benefits you and your future. 

Most Common Type of Car Accidents in Columbia

Rear-end car accidents are by far the most common type of car accident across the United States and in the city of Columbia. Drivers are distracted, in a hurry, and tailgate other cars. One or more of these behaviors can result in a serious car accident. A rear-end accident can cause serious injuries, even though these types of accidents often occur at lower speeds. Whiplash is a common injury following a rear-end car accident and can range from minor to severe. The pain of a whiplash accident can last for months in some situations. 

Typical Injuries Sustained in a Columbia Car Accident

Minor car accidents can cause bruising, cuts, bumps, and scrapes. More severe car accidents can leave victims with broken bones, amputated limbs, facial lacerations resulting in disfigurement, internal injuries, neck and back injuries, more serious spinal cord injuries, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, airbag burns, and more. Catastrophic injuries like spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries can alter the life of the victim forever, requiring long-term medical treatment and rehabilitative therapies. Traumatic brain injuries can cause cognitive issues for months, years, or forever, as well as personality changes. These issues can affect not only the victim but loved ones as well. Spinal cord injuries that result in paralysis, as well as TBIs, may require loved ones to care for the injured individual for a very long time.   

Who Can I Sue When I’ve Been in a Car Accident?

If you find yourself involved in a Columbia car accident, you will exchange insurance information with the at-fault driver. You will file a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company to secure compensation for your injuries.   

In rare circumstances, the at-fault driver may be woefully underinsured, uninsured, or flee the accident scene before you can collect their insurance information. If this happens, you will hopefully have included uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) coverage in your insurance policy, allowing you to collect compensation from your own auto insurance company when you cannot collect from the at-fault driver. 

While you can file a lawsuit against the underinsured or uninsured driver, you will likely find it difficult to collect compensation from what little assets they may have.  

How Do You Win a Columbia Car Accident Case?

It is rare that an individual can win a car accident case on their own without the help of a highly experienced car accident attorney. You can, however, help your attorney by doing the following things: 

  • At the scene of the accident, take photographs of everything if you are physically able
  • Obtain witness contact information
  • Always seek medical attention, and always follow the recommendations of your physician.
  • Stay off social media following a car accident and refrain from posting photographs or discussing your accident until you have spoken to a knowledgeable Columbia car accident attorney.
  • Call an attorney from Finney Injury Law as quickly as possible following your accident
  • Refrain from speaking to the at-fault driver’s insurance company without first talking to your attorney
  • Never agree to have your conversation recorded by any insurance company

What if Your Columbia Car Accident Claim Goes to Trial?

In some cases, the insurance company may refuse to settle your claim for a fair amount. Your car accident lawyer from Finney Injury Law would then file a lawsuit against the insurer. There are six stages in a car accident trial—jury selection, opening statements, witness testimony with cross-examination, closing arguments, jury instruction, and jury deliberation with the announcement of a verdict. Your trial attorney will argue your case, with the goal of securing a jury verdict that will fully cover your damages.

How a Columbia Car Accident Attorney from Finney Injury Law Can Help Victims of a Car Accident

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, contact an experienced Columbia car accident attorney from Finney Injury Law to ensure your rights and your future are properly protected. We take pride in treating every client with respect and compassion and will work hard to secure a fair settlement on your behalf. Don’t wait—contact Finney Injury Law today.