Why Do Early Case Investigations Matter?

Alex Ledbetter, Trial Attorney

After you’re involved in a crash it’s important to engage a lawyer as soon as possible. Here’s why:

After we engage with a client and they entrust us to represent them in their case we must go gather the facts and evidence. A lot of this fact evidence could include:

  • Witness statements
  • Videos from surrounding business
  • Videos from other driver’s dashboard cameras
  • Videos from police officer’s body-worn camera or
  • Videos from the police officer’s dash camera

This evidence can disappear after the passage of time. Therefore, it’s important for us to go gather that evidence and use it in your favor.

The other type of evidence that could be available is crash reporting documents if you’re involved in a crash with a commercial motor vehicle. This could also include internal crash documents from a commercial motor vehicle or important crash data contained in a car’s electronic recorder.

So, after we get the facts it’s important to get an early liability determination. All of these facts rather it’s video, witness statements or documents help us convince the insurance company who is at fault.

Sometimes we’re not able to obtain the evidence right away. We then have to do everything in our power to preserve it. Because, always remember, the power of information helps us maximize your recovery.

A proper case investigation takes time, but a personal injury attorney can uncover crucial evidence and assist you in maximizing your recovery. Begin right away! For a no-obligation consultations dial 314-293-4222.

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