What Can I Expect On My First Call with Finney Injury Law?

Kimberly Camarena, Lead Paralegal

When you first call Finney Injury Law you can expect to speak to a real person, to one of the assistants here at the office. You should expect to be asked and have the following information ready to provide your name, address, and email.

At Finney Injury Law we’re big on referrals and always like to say thank you to those other clients or attorneys who refer any case to our firm. Therefore we ask for that information as well.

You should have all the details about your case so we will need the

  • date relevant to injury, accident
  • name/address or relevant facilities
  • witness information
  • list of injuries and name/address of treatment centers
  • names or city/county of responding officer or officers

After we gather all the information one of the members of our legal team will reach out to you to schedule an in-person* meeting to discuss further details about your case.

When you come in for your meeting we will need you to provide all the documentation you have including insurance information and supporting documentation for the same information you provided over the phone so that we can make copies of it for your file.

If our law firm is unable to provide value to your case we will provide you with the name of a trusted attorney who can.

Don’t wait, start your road to recovery now. Contact us for a free consultation.

* Alternative locations and virtual meetings are available for clients who are unable to meet in our office due to injury or geographic constraints. 

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