Important Tool: The Bosch CDR

Alex Ledbetter, Trial Attorney

The Bosch CDR is an important and new case investigation tool that we have here at Finney Injury Law that we employ to help our clients in a crash.

What is the Bosch CDR Tool?

The CDR was developed by Bosch in the early 2000’s to download air bag control modal data contained in your car’s black box. This tool allows us to download important information contain in this module.

Whenever your car is involved in a crash the airbag control module is triggered and records an event up to five (5) seconds prior to the impact.

How this Technology Helps Your Personal Injury Case

One of the common defenses we see is there wasn’t much damage on your car, how could you be injured?

Well, the CDR and the data contained in the airbag control module don’t’ lie. Its unbiased information that shows us exactly what happened up to five (5) seconds prior to your impact and right at impact. We can know how fast a car was going and how much force was applied to your car and your body.

Getting this data early in your case is important. For example, if your car is totaled in the crash this data and your car could disappear and we won’t be able to access it later on with we needed it. 

Using Tech to Help You Win

Finney Injury Law is one of a few law firms that have invested in the CDR tool rather than passing the cost of outsourcing this type of data retrieval onto their clients.

We have secured some extremely successful outcomes for our clients by fully utilizing technology. So, as technology advances and as long as it helps our clients get the justice they deserve, we intend to investigate and use it even more. To speak to one of our trial attorneys about your personal injury case content us, 314-293-4222.

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