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Why Are My Hospital Bills in Collections?
So, you went to the emergency room and you have a bill for $15,000 and you ask, “Kimberly I gave you this bill, why is it in collections?”

Well, when Kimberly orders the medical records and bills I send a letter (Letter of Representation) that says “Finny Injury Law represents ‘John Smith’ and all bills are to come to our office.” Because, it’s part of a third-party liability.”

Well, hospitals don’t like to wait. They like to bill people and they like to send them to collections. If that’s the case, don’t freak out it’s going to go on your credit report but then we get it off. Let me explain how.

There’re two things that I can do. One, you call me, you let me know it went to collections. I’ll call the hospital and say “Hey, Maggie, at whatever hospital you went to, I’m calling to let you know that so and so was in an accident and, you know, you guys have her bill that went to collection, but in reality, you guys are supposed to have it on a lean.”

Well Kimberly, what is a lean? A lean is a promise that you will pay at the end of the settlement. So, you’re going to pay for this bill, it’s going to come out of the settlement that the defendant’s insurance company pays us, well, pays you necessarily. So, it will come out of your settlement. Well, then they’ll send me a letter saying, “OK, here’s this lean protection, will we have a lean?”. That’s the way that I avoid you going to collections.

But if you’re in collections, don’t worry about it. Because once your case is done and settled, we’ll pay it, they’ll correct your credit report. There’s no reason to freak out. Just, take a deep breath and call Kimberly and she’ll fix it.

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