Everything You Need to Know About Depositions

Chris Finney, Trial Attorney

Who Is Allowed To Be Present At My Deposition?

In the state of Missouri, each party has the absolute right to be present at any deposition for a case in which they are a party, not a witness. That means that at every deposition, you can expect both the plaintiff and the defendant to be there. Now, does that happen all the time? Typically no.

Who Is Typically Present At A Deposition?

More frequently, we see the defendant, at the defense counsel’s insistence, present at every deposition. More often than not, the plaintiff never wants to see the defendant ever again for what’s happened to them in their life.

So what happens and what can happen are two different things. The parties have an absolute right to be there, whether a witness is deposed. Both defendant and plaintiff can be there with their lawyers, but nobody else.

Who Won’t Be At My Deposition?

A witness is not allowed to be at another’s deposition. Most of the time, you will not see the parties being present at the other’s deposition unless they specifically requested it or their lawyer asked them to come. You may not see them at a witness’s deposition unless they wanted to come or a lawyer requested them to come.

But the parties, the plaintiff and defendant, have the absolute right to be present at every deposition.

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