What Evidence Does My Attorney Need From Me?

Kimberly Camarena, Lead Paralegal

When you’re in an car accident the last thing you’re thinking about is taking pictures and gathering information from other people. Therefore, one of the things we do at the office is look for

  • cameras, example the City of St. Louis have police cameras that sometimes capture accidents
  • a police report to see if there were any witnesses that came forward or spoke to the police officer
  • pictures of damages to your property and the other person’s property.
  • your insurance card

We will ask you for any information that will help lead us to making your case as solid as possible.

Pictures of Your Car

We need pictures of your car so we can see where the impact was, how much damage occurred and, we can sometimes get an idea of how the accident happened.


There’s a lot of people that when they see an accident will come and check to see that you are ok. If that person witnessed the accident and you have someone pick you up from the incident have them write down their phone number for you, have them put it in your phone. Why? Because they’re the best witness that we have and can tell the insurance company they saw Car A rear-end Car B. And that will help us build your case.

Insurance Information

We need to get insurance information. Sometimes people will say they have insurance and sometimes people say they don’t have insurance. We need to make sure we have all the insurance information that way we have a policy number and a name. We’ll call that insurance company and open a claim. That way we can help you get your property damage fixed and we can also pursue them for your bills you incur.

Police Report

We will also need any police report information. The police report number is not only important because I’m getting the police report number but we are also getting 911 calls. We get 911 calls so we know who called. Because sometimes that person gives information that is on a recorded line is good for your case. So, we want to make sure we have that information.

So, please, photos, people that witnessed the accident if possible, police report number and insurance cards are all important items we need for your case.

Case Investigation

One of the most critical aspects of preparing for a settlement or a court trial is gathering evidence. Our personal injury lawyers will conduct a thorough investigation and collect all available evidence to help you win your case. Call us today at 314-293-4222. 

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