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When we talk about co-counseling with our personal injury law firm or another attorney, there are really a ton of nuanced benefits you can talk about depending on case-specific issues. Still, there are really three main ones that we utilize when we co-counsel with others and that when other attorneys bring us cases they can utilize with us.

Cost Sharing

When cases get into litigation, or even before litigation, and they require significant work-up and significant financial investment, our law firm can provide those resources to invest in the case to make sure it’s properly worked up.

A lot of attorneys work in small offices or maybe one or two-person law firms, and to tie up tens of thousands of dollars, maybe $100,000 on a case, can be very difficult, especially when you’re talking about cash.

Our legal team can come in, co-counsel, and assist with pursuing the case so that you can ultimately get the proper treatment for your client, the proper experts you need, and get a proper result.

Experienced Support

Trial these days is really a team sport and so when you have another personal injury lawyer on board, what that does is give you a mutual exchange of ideas, an ability to bounce ideas and strategies off another attorney who is just as invested in the case as you.

Attorneys often think, “Oh, I can just call a friend and talk to him about the case or her about the case and see what they think?” The problem with that is when you’re in trial, or the heat of a summary judgment or a big expert prep, people aren’t up to speed as much as you are or your co-counsel will be. So you’re bouncing ideas off them, and they’re trying to help, but they don’t know all the facts.

If you co-counsel with our law firm, our attorneys get just as involved in these cases. We have open dialog, open communication, to where we’re strategizing with you and telling you about the things we see work in our certain cases. Then utilize what you’re telling us and use that information to come up with the best strategy.

Trial Practice Support

Finney Injury Law has systems and trial attorneys in place to draft briefs, draft instructions, and handle appeals. We can really do a soup-to-nuts deal on a case. And, we provide that support to attorneys who may not have that in their office, who may not have those types of in-house resources to where they may have to hire out.

When we co-counsel, we help with:

  • Trial Briefs
  • Motions in Limine
  • Instructions
  • Summary Judgement
  • Post-verdict Issues
  • Appellate Arguments
  • Appellate Drafting

Our trial attorneys are able to bring all of this as part of a co-counsel agreement so that we can help other attorneys who have cases that have merit, who want to learn and be a part of these cases and pursue these cases. We can provide resources to them, to you if you’re one of those attorneys, so that we get a much better result and experience for your client.

If you’re interested in co-counseling with the personal injury trial attorneys at Finney Injury Law, we encourage you to reach out. Call, 314-293-4222, or email us at any time to discuss your case.

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