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Here at Finney Injury Law we focus exclusively on trial practice therefore we must always be ready for an appeal.

What Is An Appeal?

An appeal is a right of every party aggrieved by a judgement in the lower court or the trial court. If a party loses at the trial (circuit) court and believes a mistake was made, that party may file what is called an appeal to the appellate court (the Missouri Court of Appeals).

The difference between the trail court and appellate court is

  • The trial court hears the disputes between the two parties while
  • The appellate court hears points of error from the trial court. Something the trial court may have done wrong.

Appealing your court case from the trial court requires you to file a notice of appeal and post-trial motions where you give the trial court an opportunity to fix their error.

Tips for Making and Winning Your Appeals Case

  1. Place all your arguments in the post-trial motion
  2. Research, research, research
  3. Make sure the law is on your side
  4. Draft clear and concise arguments
  5. Make very clear and east to follow factual comparisons or factual distinctions from case law to your case.

How a Trial Attorney Can Help

Working with an experienced personal injury law firm can assist you in making the best decisions for your case and pursuing your interests to the fullest extent permitted by Missouri law. When you employ an attorney from Finney Injury Law, they will use their knowledge and experience to help you determine whether your appeal will be successful. Give us a call at 314-293-4222 or complete the contact form for a free case evaluation.

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