Bottle warmer injuries in daycare facilities are all too common. An unsupervised toddler may pull on an exposed cord from the bottle warmer, causing the hot water to spill onto the child’s face and body. In some instances, small children have received severe burns on their faces, arms, shoulders, and back due to bottle warmers. These children had to receive specialized burn care treatment, even suffering a painful process known as debridement, where a burn wound is scraped and cleaned multiple times daily. 

Bottle warmer injuries are nearly always 100% preventable when adequate supervision and proper safety precautions are in place. While a monetary settlement cannot change what happened to your child, it can ensure that your child receives proper medical attention and can compensate for any lost wages you incurred while caring for your injured child. A monetary settlement also addresses the pain and suffering endured by your child. An Illinois bottle warmer burn injury lawyer from Finney Injury Law will fight for justice for your child and your family. 

Why Choose an Illinois Bottle Warmer Burn Injury Lawyer from Finney Injury Law?

As the parent of a child who suffered burns from an unsafe bottle warmer, it can be difficult for you to think about hiring an attorney. Our attorneys have dealt with situations like this for many years, allowing us to handle your case in the easiest, best way possible. Following an Illinois bottle warmer daycare injury, our law firm will make it easy for you to meet a qualified attorney. We are available to our clients 24/7, ensuring you get the answers to any questions you may have in a timely manner. With more than 100 positive client reviews, we have both English and Spanish-speaking staff for your convenience. 

While many cases will settle during negotiations, some will go to trial. It is essential that the law firm of your choice has the necessary trial experience if a case goes to trial. At Finney Injury Law, we have award-winning, highly experienced trial lawyers on staff. Our entire legal team prepares each and every case as though it will go to trial. We consistently fight for our clients, whether during negotiations or to ensure they get the verdict they deserve from a trial. 

How Can a Bottle Warmer Cause Injury?

Many childcare facilities that care for infants use bottle warmers as they can quickly heat bottles to the correct temperature.  Bottle warmers are convenient. However, when there is a lack of proper supervision at a daycare facility, a bottle warmer can cause serious thermal burns. Bottle warmer burns usually occur when a loose cord that is low to the ground is pulled on by a child who is left unsupervised. This can cause hot water or milk to spill on the child, scalding the skin.  In some instances, bottle warmers may not be properly stored, tipping over and spilling hot liquid onto a child.  

Any surface that a small child can reach is the wrong place to leave a bottle warmer where it can be knocked over or where small hands can reach inside the bottle warmer. Burn injuries are the leading cause of death and disability among children between the ages of one and four. Thermal burns from a bottle warmer can range from mild to severe and cause muscle or tissue damage, first, second, and third-degree burns, loss of limbs, painful burn blisters, and peeling skin. A child who suffers burn injuries from a bottle warmer can lead to extreme discomfort and pain for the child—and in some cases, even death when the burns are severe. A severe burn injury can even impact your child’s emotional, social, and psychological well-being.  

What Are the Types of Injuries Bottle Warmers Can Cause?

Thermal burns result from contact with heat sources such as flames, hot liquids, or objects. It’s important to note that children are more vulnerable to burns than adults. Although most bottle-warmer burns are mild, severe thermal burns can occur. The extent of injury from a burn depends on the depth and surface area of the affected skin. 

Mild burns only affect the top layer of skin, leading to pain, redness, and dryness, and do not typically blister. These usually heal within a week without leaving a scar. 

A moderate burn can blister and swell, usually healing within three weeks with no scars left behind. However, the color of the skin may be permanently changed. 

Severe burns can take up to a year to heal and may leave noticeable scars behind. Treatment may involve debridement, a painful medical process that removes the damaged skin to allow for the growth of new skin. The pain caused by thermal burns can also have lasting emotional effects on children. In some cases, tissue and muscle damage can lead to limited mobility in the affected area. Burns to the face can also cause disfigurement, adding to the physical and emotional challenges faced by children.

Why Do Daycares Use Bottle Warmers?

Daycare facilities use bottle warmers as a convenience so that infants don’t have to wait for their bottles. Warming bottles in microwaves can be dangerous, as there can be extremely hot “pockets” of milk that can scald the baby’s mouth. Bottle warmers can be used safely when they are stored in a manner that prevents a baby or toddler from pulling on the cord or pulling the bottle warmer over with their hands. Of course, children should be constantly supervised in a daycare situation, and never allowed to get close to a bottle warmer. The older alternative to warming a baby bottle is to put it in a pan of water on the stovetop—which can also be dangerous if an unsupervised child pulls the pan of hot water off the stove. 

How Can Negligence in a Daycare Contribute to a Bottle Warmer Injury?

Daycare negligence can lead to bottle warmer injuries, ranging from mild to severe. If a facility fails to prioritize the safety of bottle warmers use or leaves children unsupervised near them, it’s a clear example of negligence. The daycare is fully responsible for any injuries resulting from their negligent behavior. Stay vigilant when selecting a daycare for your child’s safety.

Your Illinois bottle warmer burn injury lawyer from Finney Injury Law can help prove negligence on the part of the daycare facility, using that proof of negligence to build a solid claim on your behalf. Daycare facilities have a duty of care to ensure the safety of the children in their care. When they breach that duty of care and that breach causes injuries that result in damages, negligence is clear. 

Why Should You Hire an Illinois Bottle Warmer Daycare Injury Lawyer Near You to Help Your Family?

Has your child been injured by a bottle warmer at daycare in Illinois? The aftermath can be overwhelming. You’re left feeling angry and frustrated that your baby wasn’t protected and anxious about the long-term impact of the burns. Additionally, you may be unable to work due to caring for your injured child. The medical costs lost wages, and suffering that your child experiences are all damages that can be claimed in a lawsuit. Contact Finney Injury Law for professional, experienced representation to help you navigate this difficult time.