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How Long Does A Traumatic Brain Injury Last?

These are permanent injuries. If you talk to neurologists that are leading the field for brain injury, concussive brain injurytraumatic brain injury, they’ll tell you to consider brain injury, traumatic brain injury, as a disease process. Because it’s going to get progressively worse over time.

Remember, we have brain cell death when you suffer a brain injury. They do not regenerate, that’s permanent. Once those cells die they’re gone. And so, as you get older your reserve capacity the ability to adapt and change and handle more damage, or what have you, to your brain is less because you have less brain cells.

So, this is a disease process that also creates a whole host of different issues. Like a chemical cascade issue, when you have an injury in the brain that’s leaking out chemicals that they shouldn’t be leaking. This overtime can cause very, very serious injuries and debilitating issues.

It also raises the point of why we look into getting life care plans for people who have suffered a brain injury. You need someone who knows a doctor who knows what these injuries can do. That’s up to date on the literature and then can put together a plan for this injured person, for this survivor. And say “hey this is what they’re going need to get them back to as good as they could have been before now, as they were before. They’re never going be the same, never going be the same. But, this is what they need so that their family is taken care of, they’re taken care of, and their needs are met.”

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