Video Transcript

What Should I Do if the Insurance Company Doesn’t Believe I have a TBI?

In our experience, no insurance company believes you have a traumatic brain injury unless there’s some kind of bleed, unless there’s a fracture, unless there’s something else. Most of them do not believe in mild traumatic brain injuries. So, if you’re talking to an insurance company and you’re telling them you’re having these symptoms they’re not going to help you and tell you “hey, you might have a concussive brain injury.” Not a chance in the world, because they know how dangerous that is, how severe that is so they’re not going to believe you. In fact, they may tell you, you don’t have one!

Now, if you’re talking to your insurance company at this point you need to hang up the phone immediately and call an attorney. Because, what they are doing is trying to get you to believe something that’s not true, that you don’t have a TBI (traumatic brain injury). They’re not doctors, they don’t know that. What you need to do is stop the conversation. If you believe you have any inkling of some kind of concussive brain injury, something happened whether you lost consciousness or not, then you need to speak to a qualified attorney who can handle these issues. Who can do the first level of intake and help point you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have. And give you a bit better feel of what exactly it is that you’re dealing with.

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