While our hope is that you will never need a Missouri daycare wrongful death lawyer, unfortunately, daycare accidents do occur. Losing a child is a tragedy, and if that tragedy was caused by negligence, it is important that the responsible party be held accountable. Having an experienced, compassionate Missouri daycare wrongful death lawyer from Finney Injury Law by your side can ensure justice is served. 

Our highly skilled attorneys will always go the extra mile to allow you the time you need to grieve your loss while we handle the legal aspects on your behalf. Understandably, holding the daycare responsible for your child’s death may not be a priority for you right now. Yet it is important that this accountability occurs as it can prevent another tragic incident from occurring.  

Why Choose Finney Injury Law as Your Missouri Daycare Wrongful Death Lawyer?

Choosing an attorney following the wrongful death of your child can seem like an overwhelming task. You must have a strong legal advocate in your corner who will fight on your behalf when all you want or need is to grieve the loss of your child. 

Finney Injury Law is always at your service, with 24/7 availability both at our offices and the location of your choice. We offer free consultations, a top-tier trial lawyer on staff, and more than 100 glowing client reviews. Our mission is to fight for your rights and get you the justice you deserve, whether by settlement or by trial. Leave it to us and reclaim peace of mind for you and your family.

We have both English and Spanish-speaking staff for your convenience and are deeply involved in our communities. When evaluated as a whole, we fully believe our law firm is the best choice for you and your family during this difficult time.  

Can You Sue a Daycare for Wrongful Death?

If you’re wondering whether you can take legal action against a daycare for your child’s wrongful death, here’s what you need to know. While accidents can happen, you have grounds for a lawsuit if your child’s death was the result of daycare negligence or a violation of safety standards. Even if you signed a liability waiver, the daycare can still be held accountable for its actions. For help navigating this complex situation, it’s wise to seek the guidance of an experienced Missouri daycare wrongful death lawyer from Finney Injury Law. With our help, you can advocate for justice and protect your rights.

What Are the Missouri Laws Related to Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death in the state of Missouri is defined as a death resulting from an act, conduct, occurrence, or circumstance which, if death had not occurred, would have entitled the person to recover damages under a personal injury claim. This encompasses negligence, so when negligence leads to death, a wrongful death claim can be filed. The state of Missouri allows a surviving spouse, parents, children, or grandchildren (when the children are deceased) to bring a wrongful death claim. 

If a wrongful death claim is successful—or a wrongful death lawsuit results in a verdict for the plaintiff—the potential damages will depend on the specific facts surrounding the wrongful death. Such facts could include funeral and burial expenses, medical bills associated with the injuries, and pain and suffering experienced by the child and family members. Missouri does not place a universal cap on damages in a Missouri wrongful death lawsuit. 

When it comes to wrongful death lawsuits, timing is critical. The statutes of limitations dictate that there’s only a small window to file a claim – in most cases, it’s non-negotiable. In Missouri, you have exactly three years from the date of the death to file a wrongful death claim. And while the process of filing a claim may seem overwhelming, you can count on the experienced daycare wrongful death lawyer team at Finney Injury Law to assist you every step of the way.

How Are Missouri Wrongful Death Cases with Children Treated?

When the deceased is a child, a parent can serve as the personal representative for the wrongful death claim. Although a wrongful death claim is somber in any case, it is perhaps more so when the decedent is a child. As the parent of a child who died due to the negligence of a daycare facility, you are in an unenviable position of filing a wrongful death claim when all you really would like to do is grieve the loss of your child. 

Filing a wrongful death claim serves several purposes that go far beyond a monetary settlement. When a wrongful death claim is filed, the negligent party is held responsible for their actions. In the case of a daycare facility, this accountability could ensure that the same thing never happens to another child. A wrongful death claim makes public the facts surrounding the death of your child, resulting in other parents becoming aware of safety issues associated with the daycare facility.   

Why Should You Choose a Missouri Wrongful Death Lawyer Near You to Help Your Family?

Losing a child is one of the most traumatic events a parent can ever experience. When that death was entirely preventable, it is even worse. You may feel anger toward those who were charged with keeping your child safe yet exhibited clear neglect. You may feel overwhelmed, unsure of what you need to do for yourself and your family to move forward. Having a Missouri daycare wrongful death lawyer from Finney Injury Law by your side can help you move forward in the best way possible. We will answer all your questions compassionately and thoroughly. Our St. Louis address is 1600 S. Brentwood Blvd., Suite 220, St. Louis, MO 63144. We also practice across the state of Missouri and in the state of Illinois. Contact Finney Injury Law today.   

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