While accidental drug overdoses can occur at a daycare when proper safety precautions are not in place, even worse is when the daycare staff administers over-the-counter drugs to children to get them to sleep—or sleep for a longer period of time. 

Not only is this practice illegal, but it violates the trust you’ve placed in the daycare and its employees. Daycare staff should be properly trained and should have the temperament to handle active, boisterous children without drugging them. If you have found out that your child was drugged while at daycare, it is important that you speak to a knowledgeable Missouri child daycare drugging negligence attorney from Finney Injury Law. We understand this is a difficult time and will work hard on your behalf for justice for your child and your family. 

Why Should You Choose a Missouri Child Daycare Drugging Negligence Lawyer from Finney Injury Law?

You may feel overwhelmed if you recently discovered that your child was being drugged while at daycare. Of course, your first priority is to see to the health and well-being of your child. At the same time, you want the responsible person or persons to be held accountable for unlawfully drugging your child. This is where a Missouri child daycare drugging negligence lawyer from Finney Injury Law comes in. We will answer all your questions in a comprehensive manner, then handle all the legalities associated with your Missouri child daycare drugging negligence claim. 

At Finney Injury Law, we understand the concerns you have. You may be worried about being able to pay your child’s medical bills. One question you may have is whether you should report your child’s drugging negligence to legal authorities or simply file a claim against the daycare. Our highly experienced attorneys will explain all your options in an easy-to-understand manner. With more than 100 positive reviews from satisfied clients, our free consultation and 24/7 availability create a constructive environment for all your legal needs. 

If it is difficult for you to travel to us, we can visit you. We provide both English and Spanish-speaking staff for your convenience and a team that is deeply involved with their communities. Finney Injury Law is well-known for our courtroom successes; our award-winning trial lawyers will fight for you and your family at every turn for a positive verdict. Whether through zealous negotiations or comprehensively prepared and executed litigation strategies, we are the advocate you need during these challenging times. 

What Are Potential Scenarios that Could Lead to a Child Being Drugged at a Daycare?

A child who gets into an accessible medicine cabinet and ingests either over-the-counter or prescription drugs indicates negligence on the part of a daycare facility since drugs should always be locked away from children and the children supervised. But in some cases, children in daycares are deliberately given over-the-counter drugs—or even THC and CBD products that belong to a staff member—in order to get them to sleep. As every parent knows, getting a child to sleep can sometimes be frustrating. Even when they are tired and need sleep, they can resist. In a daycare situation with many children, dealing with toddlers or infants who refuse to sleep can be difficult. 

Even so, daycare workers are not allowed to drug a child in order to get them to sleep. Even administering OTC drugs like melatonin or Benadryl can have serious side effects. Stronger drugs like Nyquil can cause even more severe issues in a child, particularly a child that might be allergic to those substances. As a parent, you expect your child to be safe and well taken care of while you are away, and this does not include illegal drugging. 

What Specific Medications Could Drug a Child at a Daycare?

Antihistamines like Benadryl can be given to a child to make them tired and help get them to sleep. Melatonin is another drug that has been given to children in daycare to help them sleep. While many daycare workers believe that Melatonin is a “natural” substance, it can nonetheless have unintended consequences. Administering drugs that parents have not approved is totally unacceptable and is a form of daycare abuse. The situation can be very dangerous when a parent is unaware their child has been given Melatonin, Benadryl, Nyquil, or another similar drug. 

Your child could have an allergic reaction to the drug that results in their throat swelling (a potentially deadly situation), or hives. A child with a severe reaction to a specific drug could go into anaphylactic shock or could have a seizure. If you’ve noticed any of the following alterations in your child’s behavior, daycare staff could be administering unapproved drugs to your child:

  • Sudden difficulty concentrating or focusing
  • Depression or anxiety symptoms
  • No longer wanting to spend time with friends or do other things they once enjoyed
  • Sudden angry outbursts or frequent temper tantrums
  • Frequent nightmares
  • Bedwetting after the child has been dry at night for a period of time
  • Changes in behaviors
  • Sleep pattern changes
  • Excessive grogginess when you pick up the child

Giving unapproved medication to a child can even result in death. If you believe your child has been drugged at daycare, contact Finney Injury Law. It is unethical, illegal, and abusive to give your child drugs you are unaware of and have not approved. 

How Can a Daycare Be Held Liable if Your Child is Drugged?

If you suspect your child has been drugged at daycare, you need to seek medical attention for your child, then write down all the circumstances surrounding your suspicions. Daycares have a duty of care to all children in their care. Administering an unapproved drug is a clear breach of this duty of care. If that breach of duty of care leads to injuries, which result in damages (medical expenses, loss of parental wages, pain and suffering, wrongful death), then your attorney will build a negligence case against the daycare on your behalf. If your child is given an illegal drug, criminal charges may follow. 

Why Hiring a Missouri Daycare Drugging Negligence Lawyer Near You Can Be Good for You and Your Family

Having a Finney Injury Law attorney by your side can make this process significantly less stressful. We will guide you through the process, handling all the legalities while giving you the time you need to tend to your child. Your chances for a positive outcome are increased exponentially when you hire an attorney from Finney Injury Law. Contact us today—we are ready to discuss the circumstances surrounding the daycare drugging of your child.