The Importance of Keeping Up Communication With Your Law Firm

Kimberly Camarena, Lead Paralegal 

It’s important to communicate with your law firm during treatment because that helps us build your case. A lot can happen to a treating client within a months’ time. The client’s symptoms could have worsened; the client could have stopped treatment or even had issues with the doctor. We won’t know all of that unless the client communicates with us. 

It’s important to inform your attorney of everything you do with your treatment. This will help us to know what medical records to order and when. If your attorney doesn’t have the latest information on your treatment and we wait to order different records from five or six different facilities until the end then this could delay your case. 

Records from facilities you only visit once or twice can be ordered during your treatment.  However, medical records from say your primary care physician that you’re seeing on a regular basis can wait until they release you from treatment. 

Your attorney also needs to know if you’re having financial burdens. Is this accident causing you not to go to work? Has your life changed since the accident? Are you unable to enjoy your daily life with your kids, significant other or even your pets? If you’re not able to live your normal life then we need to be aware of it. 

One thing we do not want you doing is communicating on Facebook. Why? Social media has a way of getting us information we need regarding an accident or to a defendant. But, it also gives the insurance company the ability to say to use your own words and images against you and cause damage to your case. So you need to make us aware if you posted something on social media relating to your accident so that we can combat any push back from the other side. 

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