What Are Signs of a Traumatic Brain Injury?


There’s a whole variety of symptoms and signs of traumatic range or a concussive brain injury that can start right at the scene that also can continue up to a year or two after. The more nuanced ones are kind of what I want to talk about.

Everybody knows you have a loss of consciousness or you have a brain bleed that shows up on an MRI or CT scan you’ve got that’s a sign, it’s an indicator of brain injury. The more nuanced/subtle types or symptoms of brain injury that most people miss is things like, diabetes, things like the lack of sleep/losing sleep, things like general fogginess, as well as the sensation of feeling hot or feeling cold.

Because your brain has suffered damage it has trouble regulating itself in the body. So you’ll have some clients who say “I just feel cold all the time and I never felt that way before.” Well, that’s an indicator of pituitary dysfunction. That is a very, very common part of the brain that is injured in a concussive brain injury, moderate brain injury, and traumatic brain injury.

So we’re constantly talking to our clients about how they’re feeling. Have they noticed any changes? To their loved ones have they noticed any changes? Have their co-workers noticed any changes? Small changes in the way a person is acting or how they’re feeling. When you start putting them together and you correlate them to the injury you can see that wow, this is a result of a brain injury this person suffered and we’ve got to get to the bottom of it, find out the extent, and then make sure that we’ve got them taken care of.

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