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If the Other Driver Has Insurance, Will They Pay for The Accident?
This, it’s not true. Their (auto insurance company) goal is to minimize their exposure financially. Them saying they will take care of you, is not an accurate statement.

You need to talk to a lawyer. It’s free to talk to a lawyer when the other person has insurance involved. The reason it’s important is because a lawyer cannot reach out to you until 30 days have passed (from the date of the accident), and an insurance company can talk to you right away.

They’ll try and get recorded statements. They’ll make promises to you. They’ll try and get the case done cheap and quickly, okay? The reason they try to do that, is because they know, the longer the cases go on, the more damages and injuries that are going to come to light.

Right after a crash, you may not know everything that’s wrong with you. You’ll just think, “Oh my gosh, I can walk, I can talk, I should be okay.” Over the next few weeks, that’s when the injuries start to develop. And, you start to really recognize that you can’t do things like you used to do. You’ll think, this is really bothering me. And what you thought was going to only be a day or two of soreness has gotten worse and worse.

Insurance companies don’t want you to get to a lawyer, because they know the lawyers. Especially ones that are prepared. Know what they’re doing. Can identify and help you get the maximum recovery for the injuries you’re experiencing and help you get those injuries treated.

They don’t want that to happen. They want to tell you they’ll take care of you and they want you to settle fast and cheap. Do not do that. Whenever an insurance company is offering you a quick settlement, you should immediately stop, hanging up the phone, and find a lawyer.

There is nothing good about a quick settlement, except for an insurance company. If they are offering you quick money, it’s not in your interest, they do not represent you. They do not work for you.

What we have typically found, in almost every case, is that not one insurance company, when they talk to our clients before our clients have hired us, tell our clients “Don’t worry, I’m working for you. I’ve got you taken care of.” Because that’s not true. What they should say is “I’m adverse to you. My job is to minimize my company’s exposure, in looking at your case.”

If you’re on the other side, you need to ask them “Whose best interest are you working on?” Hang up the phone, call a lawyer, and get this straightened out.

Maybe you don’t need the lawyer, maybe you do, but at least get the information.

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