Video Transcript

A Common Misconception About Auto Crashes with Attorney Alex Ledbetter
Hey, this is Alex from Finney Injury Law. A common misconception about all auto crash cases is that the person who hit me has insurance, so I’ll be covered, right? Not necessarily.

Our job here is to investigate all avenues of insurance coverage. We need to find out from the onset:

  • whether that person was driving in the scope and course of their employment, creating additional insurance policies,
  • whether that person has valid insurance in effect at the time of the crash
  • and also, importantly, look at your own policy, your own insurance coverage to determine if there is additional funds that we can access.

Whether it be uninsured motorist coverage, if the other person is uninsured, or under-insured motorist coverage, if the other person does not have enough coverage to make you whole. And of course, medical payments coverage to assist in medical payments for your care as fast and quickly as possible.

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