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The Insurance Company Wants to Do an Examination Under Oath, Should I Do It?

You may have to do it. As we mentioned before insurance agreements or insurance policies are really contracts between and individual and a company. And there are certain rights and obligations with both parties. With the person who bought the insurance and the company who provides it. Part of that is hey, if I’m the insurance company and you’re making a claim and it’s a first-party claim and you’re making a claim against your own insurance as in a homeowner’s case as in a fire or something like that then the insurance company is going to say “hey, we have the right and you must comply with our request to submit to an examination under oath.”

So, the simple answer is you might have to. Otherwise, the insurance company could void that policy and say “hey, you’re not cooperating with us” we don’t have any coverage here. It’s very important that you talk to a lawyer get to them and ask “hey, here’s my policy do I have to sit for an examination under oath, or should I, can I avoid it, is it in my best interest what do you think?”

If you’re making these decisions on your own, you’re going down a slippery slope. You’re up against a very sophisticated opposing party and insurance company and you need to get somebody who can meet that sophistication.

Dealing with insurance companies can be confusing and leave you unsure what to do next, it’s important you speak to an attorney, contact us today.

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