$1.35 Million Dollar Auto Accident


Confidential vs. Confidential


On December 29, 2017, our client, a 34-year-old male commercial truck driver, was transporting diesel fuel for his employer. Driving eastbound on HWY 66, he traveled through an intersection on a green light. The defendant approached and stopped at the red light. He turned right at that red light, a decision that would change our client’s life forever.

His turn was too wide and poorly timed. Our client did his best to steer clear of the defendant’s car as it crossed into his lane. Unfortunately, a collision was unavoidable due to the size and weight of our client’s truck.

Our client’s commercial truck spun out of control across multiple traffic lanes, skipped, then tipped onto its side until eventually coming to rest on the shoulder of the road. The driver’s side took the brunt of this impact.

The crash caused severe and permanent injury to our client’s cervical spine. Surgery was needed for cervical disk replacement to his neck’s C3-C4 and C6-C7 segments and a visible scar on our client’s neck.

Our client will never be the same. His injury has impacted his ability to work, appearance, enjoyment of life, as well as physical and emotional pain. He will also require additional treatments throughout his life. For all of this, the defendant’s insurance company valued his injury at $150,000.

Our client deserved better, so we prepared for trial. But COVID-19 had different plans for us. After a year and a half and three continuances, we had our trial date.

One month before trial defendant’s counsel increased their offer to $300,000. Our client declined the offer. He believed in us. Three days before trial, we settled the case for $1,350,000.00. Finally, justice for our client.