$979k Trucking Crash Settlement

Confidential v. Colonel Landscape

February 28, 2020.  At the start of the Pandemic, our clients were still working hard.  They were cleaning homes and working maintenance, working their way up the ladder to the American Dream.  On this day, in between jobs, they decided to avoid the highway and take the scenic route through Shrewsbury to see some homes they might like.  It was nearing 3:00pm when they were driving south on Shrewsbury Avenue.  As they approached the I-44 overpass, a dump truck, just ending its day for a landscaping company, pulled out from a side street in an effort to make a left turn.  See below for the pic from the impact.

Left turns are maybe the most dangerous maneuver a commercial truck can make.  This driver could have gone a safer route and make right turns.  But he wanted to get back to the shop quickly and wanted to beat oncoming traffic.  The result? Serious and life altering injuries to our clients.  What did we do? We jumped on it immediately and got the video from a business before it disappeared and got witness statements.  It was crucial to capture what happened.  We also supported our clients through the entire treatment process, discussing their injuries and their options.  Obviously, all of this was new to them.

After assessing all the injuries and responsibility, the insurance company initially offered a little over $300,000.  We refused and demanded the entire insurance limits. We laid out more of the case and who our clients were.  We highlighted the changes to their lives.  The result? The entire policy limit of $979,710.07 was paid three weeks later.