$750k Automobile Accident Verdict

On June 8, 2020, at the peak of an unprecedented pandemic lockdown, our client suffered a life-altering injury after being rear-ended by a C&R Mechanical GMC Sierra pickup truck while on their way to work. With only minor property damage evident from the crash, they continued heading in for their daily duties, unaware that it had caused them irreparable harm – a lumbar spine injury to their facet joint would cause ongoing pain and disrupt many aspects of everyday living indefinitely.

The insurance company made an effort to resolve the claim—a meager $10,000 to settle the case. That was not justice. So we took the fight the fight to the courtroom.

The defense attorneys argued our client’s injury was due to lumbar degenerative disc disease. To bolster their claim, they brought in several experts. A defense doctor testified that our client’s ailment was only a strain. The doctor added insult to injury by accusing our client of pill-seeking pain medication, a jab to our client’s character and integrity. A mechanical engineer would also attest that the pressures felt by our client’s car were a third of what a person feels when “plopping into a chair.”

Our legal team crafted an effective trial strategy to showcase our client’s hardships after the collision by allowing supportive friends and family members to take the stand. One by one, they painted a vivid picture of the life our client now faces to the jury. A life where they can no longer carry their daughter, play basketball with their son or help their partner with simple household chores. Family vacations, travel, and active interest they once cherished were no longer enjoyable due to the injury.

Furthermore, our personal injury trial attorneys enlisted a summary expert witness who gave compelling testimony describing how serious of an injury was sustained in addition to over 13 years’ worth of medical records as evidence for damages. This powerful combination of human connection and science enabled us to attain justice through a positive verdict for our client at trial.

Our client’s journey to justice has been long, but the recent trial proved that jurors have an immense capacity for empathy and are committed to doing their jobs properly. The result? Our client is now basking in the well-deserved victory of having his life changes acknowledged and validated!