$750k Auto Accident Verdict

Firm attorneys Chris Finney and Alex Ledbetter recently obtained a verdict in St. Louis County for more than 10x the last offer by the insurance company. Even better, they were able to obtain the entire verdict amount, plus costs, within three weeks of the jury’s verdict for a very deserving client.

Original Offers:

  • Offer 1: $50,000
  • Offer 2: $70,000
  • Defense Recommendation to Jury: $20,000

Final Result: $750,000

Three years ago, while driving home from the store our client was struck head-on by another vehicle. The crash resulted in fractures to both her radius and ulna in her dominant hand. Surgery was required, including two plates and twelve screws.

On three occasions, we offered to settle our client’s case for the insurance company’s policy limits of $100,000. In response, the insurance company offered $50,000, then later refused to go above $70,000. A jury trial was the only option based on the insurance company’s undervaluation of the harms caused to our client.

At trial, the insurance company again said the harms to our client were no big deal and that her injuries were fully healed. They were wrong. Twelve jurors saw otherwise. Within 15 minutes, a unanimous jury of 12 signed the verdict form and appraised our client’s damages at $750,000.00.

The trial shows that fellow human beings care about each other and will empathize with another human’s life changes. Since the trial, the verdict has been featured on several national podcasts. Most importantly, our client is ecstatic for justice served and is both happy and healthy.