Jentsch v. Midwest Elevator Company – Jury Verdict

In March of 2021, our client’s life was forever altered by a single, careless driver who ran a red light. An entrepreneur and go-getter, our client is a self-made business owner with a passion for getting things done. On that fateful day, however, everything came crashing down when a driver collided with our client’s truck, causing a ripple effect that would change his life forever.

Despite the pain and hardships, our client never lost hope. He fought bravely through multiple surgeries, including multiple disk replacements in his neck and a fusion in his lower back, all while battling blood clots that threatened his life. But the road to recovery was long and arduous, and the toll it took on his business was immense. He had to entrust the job he loved to others and watch from the sidelines.

However, our client refused to be counted out. He sought justice and turned to us to make it happen. Through countless communications with the insurance companies, we knew they would never see him as he truly was. We knew our client deserved his day in court and we took his case to trial.

The St. Louis County jury of 12 that heard our client’s story was amazing and attentive throughout the entire process. Their dedication and commitment to their duties proved invaluable, awarding our client $10,000,000 for life-altering injuries suffered during the crash. Thanks to them, our client can move forward with the acknowledgment he rightfully deserves.