Missouri Car Accidents

Following a Missouri car accident, you may find yourself injured, perhaps so severely that you are unable to return to work. Your medical bills could be mounting, and you may even be unable to pay your normal monthly expenses. It’s normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed following a car accident, perhaps even unsure of what you need to do next. The fact that traffic accidents have risen continuously across the state of Missouri is unlikely to make you feel any better. Speaking to a knowledgeable St. Charles car accident attorney from Finney Injury Law can turn your situation around and get you back to your life. Let us help you protect your health, job, and future.

Missouri State Highway Patrol statistics show there were 1,016 people killed in car accidents in 2021 and 52,100 people injured in car accidents. This is an 8.76 percent increase over 2020, although perhaps not entirely accurate given that far fewer people were commuting during the 2020 pandemic. Those involved in a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver should seek legal assistance as quickly as possible following the accident. Choosing a St. Charles car accident attorney from Finney Injury Law can ensure your future is protected throughout the process. 

Why Choose a St. Charles Car Accident Attorney from Finney Injury Law?

Choosing a car accident attorney is a very personal decision. You want an attorney who openly communicates with you and has the experience to get the job done. The experienced trial attorneys at Finney Injury Law can do just that.    

You can see from our more than 100 positive reviews that our clients are more than satisfied with the job we do for them. We offer a free consultation, and work on a contingency fee, making it affordable to hire our firm. You will pay nothing until we secure a fair settlement or judgment on your behalf, whether through negotiation or litigation. 

We make ourselves available to our clients 24/7 and will even come to you when you are too injured to travel. We have Spanish and English-speaking staff and award-winning trial lawyers at our firm for your convenience. Our firm is deeply involved with our communities, and deeply committed to residents of Missouri who need a strong legal advocate following a car accident.    

What Are Common Damages That Can Be Collected Following a Car Accident?

Your exact compensation depends on the facts and circumstances surrounding your accident. You are entitled to reimbursement for your medical expenses from the accident. If your injuries require medical intervention for months or even years, we will also work to secure compensation for future medical expenses.   

Medical expenses fall under economic damages—that is, a specific monetary figure can be attached to those expenses. Non-economic damages include pain and suffering—for both physical pain and mental and emotional trauma. It is more challenging to put a precise dollar value on these damages. We advise keeping a notebook to record every activity that has become more challenging or that you can no longer do because of the accident to help support your case. 

Typical Injuries Sustained in a St. Charles Car Accident

The injuries you sustain from your car accident will depend on the type of accident you had, the speed of each vehicle, and whether you were wearing a seatbelt. Broken bones, bruising, cuts, scrapes, and bumps are all very common following a car accident. More serious injuries include amputated limbs, cuts, and fractures to the face, resulting in disfigurement, neck and back injuries, internal injuries, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries, resulting in paralysis. While some wounds will gradually heal, others might never do so, making it challenging for you to engage in the everyday activities, hobbies, and employment you formerly did.  

Steps to Take Immediately Following a Car Accident

What you do immediately after a car accident can significantly alter the compensation you receive from the at-fault driver’s insurer. You should always seek medical attention for yourself and everyone who was involved in the accident. If you are able, take photographs of both vehicles and the scene of the accident. Make sure to get a photo of the other driver’s license plate. Exchange insurance information with the other driver, and make sure the police have been called. 

Having a police report can make a difference when it comes to proving liability, so this is an important step. Call your own insurance company only if there are no injuries. Otherwise, it is in your best interests to immediately contact a St. Charles car accident attorney from Finney Injury Law. Our attorneys will then open claims with both insurance parties.  Make sure you jot down everything you remember from the accident. The smallest detail could help your attorney build a solid case for your injuries. 

Who is Liable in a Car Accident?

The state of Missouri operates under “pure comparative fault” which means fault can be split between the drivers. For example, if Driver A is found to be 20 percent at fault for the accident, then Driver B will only be responsible for 80 percent of the damages. Determining fault is typically made through the police report and investigations into the accident by the insurance company.    

At a trial, the jury will determine which driver bears what percentage of the fault. If, for example, Driver B ran a stop light and hit Driver A, Driver B would obviously be liable for the accident. If Driver A was speeding at the time, it might be determined that Driver A was 10 percent responsible for the accident, reducing the judgment by that amount. When a jury determines liability, they ask what a reasonable person would have done, given the same circumstances. 

Should I Talk to the Insurance Company Following My Car Accident?

It is always best to let your attorney handle all matters directly with the insurer. Be very wary of a call from the at-fault driver’s insurance company and your own. If they ask for information, politely tell them to contact your attorney because your answers could be taken out of context and used by the insurer to deny liability. 

How Our Trial Attorneys Can Help You Through the Car Accident Trial Process

Car accident lawsuits can take a significant amount of time; like all civil litigation, these lawsuits follow the Missouri Rules of Civil Procedure. Having a strong legal advocate from Finney Injury Law can ensure your financial recovery is maximized to the extent possible. A lawsuit is only required when an auto insurance company refuses to offer a settlement that fully covers your losses. Your Finney Injury Law attorney will navigate the process on your behalf, proving the other party’s liability, and ensuring your complete losses or legal damages are addressed. 

How a St. Charles Car Accident Attorney from Finney Injury Law Can Help Victims of a Car Accident

You could be facing an uphill battle following your car accident. It is easy to feel overwhelmed, and unsure of what you need to do for your health, your finances, and your future. At Finney Injury Law, we will help you through this difficult time. We will help you get the medical treatments you need while fighting for a fair and full settlement. Contact Finney Injury Law today.