Missouri – Heartbreaking news emerges from St. Louis County as a grieving widow buries her beloved husband, a brave Navy veteran. Shockingly, his untimely death occurred while in custody, allegedly due to negligence. The widow firmly claims that her husband suffered an injustice during his three-month stay at the St. Louis County Jail.

A family dispute that landed Jones’s non-biological son in the ICU led to his arrest and incarceration in a St. Louis County Jail.

Jones received medical treatment when he was first incarcerated. He was hospitalized on two separate occasions.  But, days before his death, a series of events would lead to his death.

How Did an Incarcerated Vietnam Veteran Die While in Custody?

Neglected warnings and withheld medication allegedly led to the tragic death of Jones, 74. His widow claims that his repeated reports of chest pains, black stools, and breathing difficulties fell on deaf ears.

In his debilitated condition, Jones attempted to access an emergency button in his jail cell but was unsuccessful. Medical reports indicate that a passing guard eventually heard his desperate pleas for aid, observing distressing symptoms such as excessive perspiration, disorientation, impaired speech, and severe chest pains.

Jones received initial treatment in the jail’s infirmary, but his condition deteriorated the next day, prompting a call to Fire/EMS. According to the report, Jones was handcuffed during transportation, but the handcuffs were removed prior to arriving at the nearby St. Mary’s Hospital, located less than 3 miles away from the jail. The medical report further indicates that it took 51 minutes from the time of the initial call until Jones reached the hospital. Unfortunately, despite all life-saving efforts, he was pronounced dead in the early hours of March 6.

Conflicting Claims Prompt Widow to Seek Legal Action

A county official initially claimed that Jones had a brain tumor despite no mention of such in the medical examiner’s report and a two-decade-old history, according to Jones’s widow.

This has left Jones’s wife frustrated with the county’s response and seeking justice. Lack of transparency and satisfactory answers from the jail’s administration have prompted her to seek legal representation. Hiring trial attorney Alex Ledbetter of Finney Injury Law to represent the family.

“Regardless of the reasons someone goes to jail, they should never die in there,” says Widow Jones.

How Is Finney Injury Law Helping A Widow Who’s Husband Died In a St. Louis County Jail?

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