Missouri – A shocking new lawsuit has been filed by Finney Injury Law and co-counsel The Button Law Firm on behalf of our client against Kids Kingdom, a faith-based daycare center operated by Encounter Church.

The lawsuit alleges that negligent caregivers at the facility failed to comply with Missouri childcare laws, resulting in a severe head injury to a 5-month-old boy. The details of this distressing case paint a concerning picture of potential breaches of duty of care and negligence within the daycare center.

What Happened at this St. Peters, Missouri Daycare?

According to the lawsuit, the caregivers neglected to securely fasten the infant in the baby bouncer and left him unattended. This unfortunate situation provided the perfect opportunity for older children in the room to overturn the bouncer, causing the baby’s head to collide with the hard floor. The impact resulted in a severe skull fracture and traumatic brain bleed, posing significant risks to the infant’s well-being.

St. Peter’s Daycare Failed to Follow Childcare Safety Laws and Policies

Despite its firm commitment to prioritizing safety, Kids Kingdom now faces serious allegations outlined in the lawsuit. It details their alleged negligence in disregarding both state laws and their own policies.

Shockingly, the daycare center deliberately chose not to inform the boy’s mother about her son’s injury or seek immediate medical attention for him. Rather than take the necessary action, they opted to conceal the incident, offering nothing more than a cold compress to soothe the baby’s injured head. It’s both astonishing and concerning that they allowed the mother to take her baby home, oblivious to the full extent of his injury at the end of the day.

It was only later that night when the boy’s mother noticed a significant bump on his head. It wasn’t until she questioned the daycare workers the next day that she was made aware of the incident – a disturbing 18 hours after it occurred. Realizing the severity of the situation, rushed her baby to the emergency room. There, tests revealed a parietal skull fracture and subarachnoid hemorrhaging.

Lawsuit Alleges Cover-Up of Child Negligence at Missouri Daycare

Our attorneys hired an investigator to collect evidence regarding the incident at Kids Kingdom. It was discovered that the staff had disposed of the bouncy chair involved in the accident in a trash dumpster, but fortunately, the investigator successfully retrieved the bouncer. This crucial piece of evidence will play a vital role in the case as it unfolds.

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Office of Childhood—Child Care Compliance has carried out an independent investigation into this matter. Unfortunately, the investigation revealed that Kids Kingdom violated child supervision and incident notification rules. The state has put the facility on a 20-day corrective plan to address these issues.

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This heartbreaking case highlights the importance of vigilance and accountability in childcare centers. It serves as a reminder that parents should have complete confidence in the safety and well-being of their children while in the care of such establishments.

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