Missouri – Kidz Biz Preparatory, a daycare center in Hazelwood, Missouri, finds itself at the center of a lawsuit. Finney Injury Law filed the suit on behalf of the family of an 18-month-old boy who suffered a second-degree burn from an unattended baby bottle warmer while under the center’s care in May 2019. The lawsuit alleges that her son’s life was seriously endangered due to the daycare center’s negligence.

How Did A Toddler Suffer Baby Bottle Burns at Kid Biz Preparatory in Hazelwood, Missouri?

Daycare workers left a hot bottle warmer filled with scalding water unsecured and unattended. Lack of supervision allowed the toddler to pull on the baby bottle warmer cord, resulting in scolding hot water spilling onto the child’s arm, severely burning him.

The suit states the toddler’s skin was “blistering and peeling off his arm” when his mother arrived at Kidz Biz Preparatory. She immediately rushed her son to the emergency room at a nearby hospital, where doctors treated him for second-degree burns.

What Did a State Investigation Reveal After Mother Reports Missouri Daycare for Negligence?

The state of Missouri conducted an independent investigation that substantiated our client’s claims, finding that the “reckless acts of Kidz Biz Preparatory caused physical injury” to her son. According to the lawsuit, the agency also cited the daycare center for violating childcare licensing rules that address making hazardous items like bottle warmers inaccessible to children.

A deeper dive into Kidz Biz Preparatory found that the incident involving our client was not the daycare center’s first safety infraction. In fact, the childcare facility received 56 citations from the state between 2017 and 2022, three years after our client sustained severe burns caused by the bottle warmer.

How Finney Injury Law Aims to Hold Missouri Negligent Daycare Accountable

The attorneys at Finney Injury Law and The Button Law Firm are working side by side with our client and his family to hold Kidz Biz Preparatory accountable for his suffering. The recent lawsuit aims to shed light on the daycare center’s lapses in safety protocols and ensure that no child endures a similar ordeal in the future.

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