Kansas City, Missouri Car Accidents

Being involved in a Missouri car accident can be a traumatic experience. You can go from heading home after work to being hit by a negligent driver. The aftermath of your car accident can be overwhelming, causing anxiety and stress. Having a strong Kansas City car accident attorney from Finney Injury Law can significantly smooth the bumps and delays that can occur when you attempt to negotiate with the insurer on your own. 

According to Missouri DOT, for the first time since 2006, the traffic fatalities in the state exceeded 1,000. In 2021, there were 1,007 people killed in Missouri traffic crashes which was a 2 percent increase over 2020. Failure to buckle up, distractions while driving and excess speed all contribute to the number of car accidents—and fatalities from those accidents. 

The use of a cell phone occurred in more than 2,200 of those 2021 crashes, while 41 percent of the fatal crashes involved excess speed. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, after you seek medical attention, the single most beneficial thing you can do for your future is to contact a Kansas City car accident attorney from Finney Injury Law. 

Why Choose a Kansas City Car Accident Attorney from Finney Injury Law?

Your choice of car accident attorney really matters. You want an attorney who has experience with car accidents and who will use that experience to your advantage. You need an attorney who will return your calls and emails, answering your questions in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner. At Finney Injury Law we have compassion for your situation and will treat you with care and respect. Our firm:

  • Has more than 100 positive reviews 
  • Works on a contingency basis—we get nothing if we do not secure a settlement or jury verdict, which makes it affordable for you  
  • Is available 24/7 
  • Offers virtual appointments when you are unable to travel
  • Has English and Spanish-speaking staff
  • Is deeply involved with our community
  • Has award-winning trial lawyers

For all these reasons and more, choosing the right Kansas City car accident lawyer from Finney Injury Law is one of the most important steps you can take to secure your future. 

Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Kansas City

By and large, rear-end collisions are the most common type of car accident. Distracted driving contributes to rear-end collisions, as do tailgating and exceeding the speed limit. T-bone or side-impact car accidents are also common, often occurring in an intersection. Clipping other cars when merging is yet another common type of car accident. The most deadly type of car accident is a head-on collision, particularly at high speeds. Going down a one-way street the wrong way or passing on narrow rural roads are the most common causes of head-on collisions. 

Typical Injuries Sustained in a Kansas City Car Accident

Rear-end collisions often leave the driver in front with neck and back injuries, specifically whiplash. Whiplash can be a serious injury that leaves you with residual pain for weeks, months, or even years, along with limited mobility and chronic headaches. Side-impact accidents usually cause broken bones and internal injuries because there is little protection when you are hit from the side. Other injuries often sustained in car accidents include spinal cord injuries, concussions, facial lacerations, burns, traumatic brain injury, and amputated limbs. 

Dealing with Insurance Following a Car Accident

After a car accident, juggling medical treatments for your injuries, potential financial issues, and the insurance company may become too much. You must focus on your health to recover from your wounds and return to regular life. It can be impossible to accomplish this when you are concerned about your health and finances. Having a strong legal advocate in your corner to help shoulder this burden can make a huge difference during this difficult time. 

Your attorney will deal with the insurance company, negotiating a fair and full settlement. If the insurance company refuses to settle for an equitable amount, your attorney will file a lawsuit. In most cases, this will prompt the insurance company to settle, but in rare cases, your claim may actually go to court. You need an attorney who is equally at home negotiating a settlement and litigating your claim so that all your bases are fully covered. 

Intersections in Kansas City Where Car Accidents Commonly Occur

According to the Kansas City Star, the following intersections are among those most likely to have a car accident:

  • I-70 and I-670
  • I-70 with US 71 Hwy
  • I-70 and Blue Ridge Cutoff
  • I-435 and Bannister Road
  • I-436 and Holmes Road
  • I-49 and 63rd Street
  • I-49 and Red Bridge Road
  • I-29 and Barry Road
  • I-470 and Blue Ridge Cut Off

Steps to Take Immediately Following a Car Accident

Following a Kansas City car accident, it is imperative that you seek immediate medical attention. Even if you believe your injuries are not that serious, it is important that you have a doctor check you out. Often, a person involved in a car accident does not believe they are that badly injured, then days later, the injuries manifest. The adrenaline rush experienced during a car accident can mask symptoms of injury, so always see a doctor following a car accident. If you are able, snap a few photos of the scene of the accident, and obtain contact information from witnesses. Next,  contact an experienced Kansas City car accident attorney as quickly as possible to ensure your rights and future are properly protected.  Take a few minutes to jot down every detail associated with the accident. The smallest detail could be important for your attorney to build a solid case on your behalf. 

How Do I Find the Best Kansas City Car Accident Attorney?

Many people who need a Kansas City car accident attorney will ask friends, family members, and co-workers for a referral. Others will go online to look at the websites of Kansas City car accident attorneys. Most will narrow the field and set up an initial consultation with one or more. During your consultation, you will ask questions to determine how experienced the attorney is with car accidents. The more experience, the better for you. You can also ask whether the attorney you are speaking to will be the attorney you will deal with throughout your case, and how quickly your phone calls and emails will be returned. You want to make sure you feel comfortable with your attorney, as trust is extremely important. 

How Do I Know if I Have a Valid Car Accident Case?

If you were not at fault for your car accident, then you likely have a valid car accident claim. You will want to speak to a knowledgeable attorney to find out for sure whether you have a strong case. Your attorney can accurately determine what damages you are entitled to receive, and the best way to ensure you receive a fair settlement. You could be entitled to medical expenses and pain and suffering at a minimum. 

Will My Car Accident Go to Trial?

If we are unable to reach a settlement agreement through negotiations with the insurance company, then we will take the case to trial. If the case does not settle between the time a trial is set and the time the jury reaches a verdict, then your award will be determined by the jury. While a jury verdict takes longer than negotiations, in some instances, the final award can be more than a plaintiff would have received from a negotiated settlement. 

How a Kansas City Car Accident Attorney from Finney Injury Law Can Help Victims of a Car Accident

When you have suffered injuries following a car accident, you need a highly skilled Kansas City car accident attorney from Finney Injury Law. We have litigated hundreds of car accident lawsuits over the years, making us well-versed in dealing with all the issues associated with car accident personal injury claims. We can prove liability, getting you the best settlement possible. Contact Finney Injury Law today.