There are many different ways a child could sustain a finger injury while in daycare. In some cases, these finger injuries are merely accidents. In other cases, a finger injury is caused by a lack of supervision or a hazard on daycare property that should have been taken care of. Either of these constitutes negligence on the part of the daycare. When you drop your child off at daycare you expect that there will be no dangers or hazards that could harm the child and that there will always be supervision of all the children. 

So, when you receive a phone call from the daycare telling you that your child has suffered a serious finger injury, it can be devastating on many levels. Seeing your child in pain, perhaps even with an injury that will alter their life, is traumatic. You may have to take off work to care for your child, losing wages you depend on to pay your monthly expenses. Your child may be in constant pain as a result of the finger injury and could even suffer mental or emotional trauma. If this is the situation you find yourself in, an Illinois child finger injury attorney from Finney Injury Law has the compassion, experience, and knowledge to help you through this difficult time.  

 Why Choose an Illinois Child Finger Injury Attorney from Finney Injury Law?

Because this can be a difficult situation—particularly if you have signed a waiver of liability—it is imperative that you have a strong Illinois child-finger injury attorney from Finney Injury Law on your side. At Finney Injury Law, we are a client-focused firm. Everything we do is for your benefit. Our attorneys are always accessible with 24/7 availability and virtual appointments to fit your busy family’s schedule. 

With both English and Spanish-speaking staff, we aim to make your appointment with a Finney Injury Law attorney as comfortable and informative as possible. Our trial experience is significant, with award-winning trial lawyers on staff who will fight for you throughout the trial to get the verdict you deserve. Our legal team offers compassion, experience, knowledge, and an extensive skill set. We are all deeply involved in our communities, carrying that commitment through to each and every client.  

What Are Finger Injuries That Could Happen to a Child in a Daycare?

As adults, most of us have, at one time or another, had a finger slammed in a car door, a garage door, or a regular interior or exterior door. Some of us may even remember having a finger or fingers slammed in a door as a child. Children can do impulsive things, like reaching into a door as it’s closing, but on a small, delicate hand, the resulting injuries can be extremely severe. 

Sometimes a finger injury accident is just that—an accident. Other times, clear negligence is responsible for a finger injury. Daycare facilities tend to have spring-loaded swinging doors that are extremely heavy. When small fingers are on the hinge area as the door closes or between the door and the frame, the injuries can be very serious. A self-closing door is a clear hazard, even though the design is meant to slow down a slammed door and actually prevent finger-trapping incidents. 

The majority of finger-trapping injuries take place on the hinge side of an automatic door, although there are finger pinch guards that can be installed on the hinge side.  A child can also get their fingers caught in cabinet doors, kitchen drawers, dresser drawers, or even an oven door. Outside, a child could get their finger or fingers caught in playground equipment. 

A closing window can smash small fingers, another child can bite the finger of your child, or a child’s fingers can get caught in a crib rail or stroller.  Children—particularly small children—should always be closely supervised when they are near any type of door or anything else they could potentially get their fingers caught in. The following finger injuries are those that are most common in daycare situations:

  • When a child’s fingers are smashed between two hard surfaces, finger-crushing injuries can result, causing broken and shattered bones. 
  • Tendons and ligaments can be severed when a finger laceration occurs. There can also be nerve damage and infection in an open wound. 
  • In some instances, finger or fingertip amputation can significantly impact a child’s physical abilities, appearance, and quality of life. 

What Can Happen When a Child’s Finger is Injured?

Immediate medical attention is crucial following a child’s finger injury. Surgical procedures, stitches, or other steps may be necessary to preserve the function of the finger or fingers. If a finger has been amputated, surgery may be able to reattach the amputated digit. The child will need to be treated for any risk of infection, and open wounds could require stitches or even reconstructive procedures. Some finger injuries will require bracing for a significant length of time and/or physical therapy to allow the fingers to heal to the extent possible. Broken finger bones will be splinted or may require a surgical procedure. Most broken fingers and fractures will take around six weeks to mend. Even when a child regains full function of the finger following a finger injury, there could be significant scarring.  

How Can the Daycare be Liable for Your Child’s Finger Injury?

Most finger injuries can be avoided by installing guards, painting the areas that could pose a hazard a bright color and teaching children to avoid those painted areas, and ensuring children are always supervised. If your child’s daycare fails to take proper precautions to ensure the safety of your child and all the children at the daycare, they may be liable for your child’s finger injuries. Speak to an Illinois child-finger injury attorney from Finney Injury Law to discuss the facts of your case and determine your best options to seek justice for your child.

Hiring an Illinois Child Finger Injury Lawyer Near You

Taking legal action following your child’s finger injury can be a difficult process. An attorney from Finney Injury Law can significantly increase your chances of a positive outcome for your child’s injury. We believe that you should be able to leave your child at daycare knowing he or she is safe and well taken care of. When that turns out not to be the case, we can help. Contact Finney Injury Law today.