The Bipartisan Policy Center reported that as of 2023, almost three-quarters of the nearly 23 million children ages five and under across the U.S. live in households where both parents work full time. As expected, this creates a huge demand for childcare providers. Although standards requiring daycare facilities to report injuries and deaths were put into place in 2014, many states have not yet complied.

When you leave your child in daycare, you expect that the facility will be clean and safe and that all employees will have been properly vetted. If your child suffers a burn injury while at daycare as a result of negligence or inattention, you may be uncertain what steps you need to take. The first step you should take is, of course, to secure your child’s future safety, then contact a highly experienced Columbia daycare burn injury attorney from Finney Injury Law.

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When your child has suffered a burn injury while at daycare, you may be unsure about the legalities of the situation. Did an unpreventable accident cause the burn injury, or was negligence or abuse to blame? When you choose Finney Injury Law, we will get these answers for you. We will be the strong advocate you need during this difficult time, working hard on your behalf to secure justice and accountability.

When a caregiver fails to act appropriately the legal system can help provide this accountability. Our highly experienced attorneys and staff are well-versed in all aspects of daycare facility negligence, including the accompanying statutes of limitations involved in such cases. It is important that you do not waive your rights to monetary or other benefits following your child’s Columbia daycare burn injury. Finney Injury Law offers the following benefits:

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What Are Common Burn Injuries in a Daycare?

When a burn injury occurs in a daycare setting, it could be caused by one of the following:

  • Bottle warmer injuries are common; while electric bottle warmers can quickly warm a bottle for a hungry child with no hotspots, an unsupervised child can pull a loose cord on the bottle warmer, causing hot water or milk to scald them. A bottle warmer that is left on a surface within reach of a child can result in little hands getting inside it, or the bottle warmer being accidentally knocked over onto the child.
  • Chemical burns from toxic substances like cleaning fluids can occur when these substances are not properly stored. The child’s skin can come into contact with a harmful chemical like bleach, poisons intended for rats or insects, or harsh bathroom cleaners and toilet bowl cleaners with ammonia. In some instances, a chemical may have been removed from its original container and stored in a bottle that is particularly attractive to young children. Daycare staff must be properly trained on the correct handling and storage of chemicals. Chemicals can cause eye damage and respiratory damage to young children in addition to burns ranging from mild to severe chemical burns that cause deep tissue damage and permanent scarring.
  • Burns resulting from extremely hot playground equipment is something many adults simply don’t think about. According to a 2023 Fox News report, slides, swings, and benches can reach from 117 degrees to 145 degrees, when there is an air temperature of only 91. These temperatures can cause second and third-degree burns in children.

Are There Different Degrees of Columbia Daycare Burn Injuries?

First-degree burns affect only the epidermis or outer layer of skin. There are no blisters in a first-degree burn, and long-term tissue damage is rare, but the area can be red and painful for a few days to a week. Second-degree burns affect both the epidermis and part of the dermis layers of skin. The burn site may be blistered, red, inflamed, and painful. Third-degree burns destroy the dermis and epidermis as well as potentially damage underlying tendons, bones, and muscles. The long-term outlook for those with third-degree burns will depend on the percentage of the body surface burned, along with the age and overall health of the victim. 

What Should You Do if Your Child Has Suffered a Daycare Burn Injury?

If your child has suffered a daycare burn injury, immediate medical attention is the priority. If you believe the burn injury was the result of negligence or abuse, you should report the injury to the proper state agencies, which will trigger a thorough investigation. Reports of violations found at the daycare facility will be listed on the state’s licensing website which will provide a warning to other parents. Next, contact an experienced Columbia daycare burn injury attorney from Finney Injury Law. Daycare injury cases can be complex, so you must have the right legal team to handle your case and ensure your child, you, and your family receive justice for a burn injury when there was clear negligence or abuse.

How Can a Columbia Daycare Burn Injury Attorney from Finney Injury Law Help?

When you choose Finney Injury Law, you have taken the first step toward healing while holding the daycare facility accountable for your child’s burn injuries. We understand this is an emotional, difficult time. Not only is the injury traumatic, but no parent also wants to think their child could be neglected or abused while at daycare. Our knowledgeable, highly skilled daycare injury lawyers will fight for your child’s rights from beginning to end. Contact Finney Injury Law today.