Recognizing Those Who Support Us in February

Given that Valentine’s Day is this month, I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about my wife, Christine, and how vital she is to Finney Injury Law. As some of you may know, we are lucky enough to have four healthy sons: Mac, 6; Lew, 4; Sully, 2; and Quinn, 1. I can still remember when Christine was pregnant with Mac and we were sitting at the now-shuttered Mad Tomato in Clayton and I told her that I couldn’t do it anymore. I was quitting my nice salaried job with benefits at a medium-sized firm. I handled it all wrong. She cried. Drinks were accidentally knocked over. The table next to us asked us if everything was okay. It was a mess and a perfect illustration of my mindset at the time: chaotic, poorly thought-out, and selfish.

What followed next was my decision to be a jury trial lawyer — to represent living, breathing people and help them when they have been wronged by insurance companies, no matter the cost. Christine never questioned me. It was hard. It is hard. But she is steadfast, honest, loyal, and dependable. She is completely selfless.

My early career results were less than encouraging. I frequently took cases to trial in small claims court, had those appealed to associate circuit court, lost, and received verdicts of $0 or $500 with 40 percent fault. I put up my own website that failed miserably. I advertised on the radio and got ridiculed. I tried to think of any way to achieve my goal of trying cases and providing for my family. I was convinced this would pay off. If Christine was nervous, she never showed it. She encouraged me to be patient and said that it would all work out. She still does. She also reminds me that work is not the most important thing and that our growing family should come first. She is right.

I don’t know what I did to find such a perfect match for a wife. During my early career struggles, she worked full time to provide for us. During jury trials, she shines. She knows my hours will be early and late and that I will be absent-minded when prepping for trial and during a trial. Without a doubt, I could not do any of this without her. In fact, I only get to do this because of her. I seek her advice every night. Her thoughts are balanced and measured. Mine are not. I trust her opinions more than anything. If she doesn’t have a good feeling about something or someone, then I don’t either. She is at her best when she’s with our boys. She is firm but fair. She can discipline and empathize at the same time.

This short space isn’t enough to truly convey all that Christine does and how strong she is. I am certain many of you reading this feel the same about your own spouses or loved ones. February is a great month to give them the recognition they deserve.

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