Accidents can be scary and confusing. Sometimes it is obvious when an ambulance visit is needed. You or a loved one have broken bones, bleeding, double vision,  dizziness, or unconsciousness. But sometimes, you aren’t so sure because the accident was “minor,” you felt ok and therefore waved your need for an ambulance.

Now, hours or days later you’re experiencing pain, and you wonder

  • “Will anyone believe I was hurt in the accident?”
  • “Should I go to the doctor?”
  • “Do I have a personal injury claim since I wasn’t seen by an ambulance at the scene of the accident?”

The answer is YES, YES, and YES.

There are many myths when it comes to injuries, medical treatment at the scene of an accident, and how it affects personal injury claims. Let’s examine the facts and bust through the myths.

Fact: When an accident occurs, your body goes into a “flight or fight” mode—producing high levels of the Adrenaline hormone, a hormone known for blocking pain. This is why many victims won’t experience injury symptoms at the scene of an accident. For some, it can take up to 3 days before Adrenaline production stops, and they start to experience muscle tightness and tenderness or pain associated with an injury. Many of our clients did not feel the need for an ambulance at the time of an accident. Often they self-report to the ER, Urgent Care, or a Primary Care Physician (PCP).

Fact: It’s imperative to your health and your injury claim for you to seek medical assistance as soon as symptoms present themselves. Regardless if it’s hours or days later, your health could be at risk. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you find a highly qualified physician in your city or county who can provide you with an evaluation and start you on your road to recovery.

Fact: There are many elements to a personal injury claim. Medical treatment is just one of many. No matter if that medical treatment started with an EMT at the accident site or a doctor’s office a few days later. Click here to learn more. Still not sure if you have a personal injury claim. Give us a call at 314-293-4222. We’ll be happy to evaluate your case for free.


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