It’s the time of year when horror movies are crowding the marquee and audiences are looking for spooky stories. We may not have to worry about killer clowns or Texas chainsaw massacres in real life, but if you’ve ever had to deal with an insurance company, you may think you’ve entered into a world of true terror. In fact, they could make convincing horror movies about some of the tactics used to justify lowering and denying claims. They’d go a little something like this …


When Janice posts a photo of a cake she baked on Facebook, she was happy with the “likes” she got from friends and family. But little does she know somebody else is watching: The Snoop. After having been put on Janice’s claim, The Snoop decides to friend her on Facebook to see if she is as injured as she claimed. When he sees she was able to bake a cake, he moves heaven and hell to deny her claim.


Not long after being in an accident, Tim receives a call from an insurance company. “We represent the driver who hit you,” the voice on the other line says. “We’d like to ask you a few questions.” What begins as a seemingly innocuous call will come to haunt Tim’s future for months on end, played out in courtrooms and his nightmares.


Everything is going so well for Doris until she’s hit by an 18-wheeler, sending her little sedan careening off the road. When she wakes up in a hospital room, all she wants is some time to put her life back together. By the time she calls an attorney, the trucking company has already moved to make as much evidence as possible disappear. It’s up to Doris and her legal team to locate the evidence and the truth.

If you find yourself in a real-life movie with a plot resembling any of these, call Finney Injury to find out how we can help you work toward a happy ending.

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