It’s been over a month since coronavirus/COVID-19 hit St.Louis. Every day we watch the news and look for signs of improvement, hope that our efforts and sacrifice are paying off.

Some of us are working and staying home, a change in our routine, but nothing we can’t handle. For others, like our clients, the disruption in their routine can mean pain, decreased mobility, confusion, and frustration.

Limited access or avoidance of medical treatment due to COVID-19 is a genuine concern for new and existing clients. Not only for their health but for how it will affect their injury claim. There are answers and resources there, and we at Finney Injury Law are here to guide you through them.

A virtual doctor’s visit is an excellent option for those who are uneasy about going to doctor appointments or are immunocompromised and should stay at home. Physicians we frequently work with offer this service. They can answer questions, address concerns, and provide in-home care/treatment options. Helping our clients to maintain or find temporary relief until they can see the doctor in person again. For clients where virtual doctor visits are not an option, we recommend speaking to your doctor and us to discuss a plan that can work for you. Because having some form of consistent treatment is essential to your health and personal injury case.

Right now, the biggest question we have from clients is, “how will this affect my case?” What we can confidently tell you is this:

We are here for you, by your side, working your case like we would in the office.

Our attorneys are able to negotiate settlements with insurance companies.

Medical records requests are being processed. However, they are taking longer to receive due to the pandemic.

Jury trials are on hold and rescheduled for later dates.

We are hopeful this season will soon pass. We will find our way through the darkness and emerge stronger than we were before. Until then, please stay safe and know we are here for you.

Do you have a question? Please post it in the comments below or email us at [email protected].

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